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Vandana Light Healing

Bindu Chakra - Moon Center - Intuition Activation

Bindu Chakra - Moon Center - Intuition Activation

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The Bindu Chakra is an important energy center for health and well being, giving us the power to recuperate and regenerate both physically and mentally. 

This Ayurvedic & Tantric Chakra can improve eye sight, quiet the mind & help you embody greater states of harmony, clarity and balance.

The Bindu Chakra relieves stress, anxiety and  feelings of isolation or depression.

When opened & healthy, it emits a “fountain of youth” hormone that Rishis call "Amrita”or the sweet nectar of immortality. The more active the Bindu Chakra becomes, the more Amrita energy flows.

The symbol of the Bindu Chandra Chakra symbolizes the MOON & helps you to trust your psychic gifts, telepathy & intuition.

Your Bindu Chakra is an ancient “health center” that when opened, can improve your physical, psychic and spiritual health as well as quieting your mind & soothing your nervous system.

When your Inner Moon Center is illuminated, it can diminish depression, nervousness, anxiety & heart heaviness.

Take a journey to awaken your Bindu, Talu & Soma Chakras to:

- Unlock burdens, blocks & beliefs that hurt, harm or deplete you
- Activate your 3rd, 4th & 5th Spirit Sights Psychic Gifts
- Awaken your inner light, divine wisdom & nectar of immortality
- Clear your mind of chaos, clutter & confusion
- Heal & Seal your psychic open door & zeal point chakra
- Protect your field from unwanted & unkind energies or astral entities
- Re-claim your energy, clarity & vitality
- Dissolve  Mental Anxiety, Intensity & Overwhelm
- Energize & Harmonize your sun (navel)  & moon (crown) chakras

When your Celestial Chakras are activated, it is easier to awaken to the state of Samahdi Consciousness so you can heal & harmonize Your Inner Shiva & Shakti (Feminine/Masculine True Nature) & shine your diamond light under the silky, sensuous & silvery moon!

The moon is a symbol of perfection, nectar and energy. Nature receives life-sustaining Prāna from the moon allowing everything to grow and thrive, as moonlight is also essential for the growth of plants and the ripening of fruit – not only sunlight.

Receive a Shaktipat Shechina transmission from Divine Mother to re-mother your inner child, heal mother wounds & awaken your inner Goddess.

To heal your divine feminine & mother wounds, Goddess Lalita Devi will bathe & bless your bliss centers with celestial salve, honey light & liquid love.

Class Replay - 111 Minutes - MP4

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