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Vandana Light Healing

Billionaire, Speaking Your Truth & Mother Wound Soul Retrieval Bundles

Billionaire, Speaking Your Truth & Mother Wound Soul Retrieval Bundles

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Greetings 5D Abundant Creatrix,

I’m so honored and excited to gift you Ten of the most life-changing Programs to vibrationally shift you from 3D Poverty To the 5D Prosperity Frequency!

I’ve created an entire collection to raise your wealth vibration and clear old lack and scarcity Inherited Programs that you can listen to at your own pace

This bundle will Help You To:

Heal the root causes of your financial struggles
Manifest abundance with ease, space, grace, and flow
Connect with your money angels to receive their vibrational support
Embody the Energy of Wealth, Health & Prosperity consciousness

These 10 Abundance Programs hold the Potential to help you become conscious and clear self-sabotaging programs that don’t even belong to you so you can become Financially Sovereign, joyful and experience ease, space, and bliss with the Energy Of Money!

Listen To Each Program At Your Own Pace In Small Sections Or All At Once. It Is Recommended To Play Each Program Before Bedtime When You’re Most Open, Relaxed, and Receptive To Massive Transformation!
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