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Vandana Light Healing

Azeztulite Nameless Light Ascension Activation MP4 Video Version

Azeztulite Nameless Light Ascension Activation MP4 Video Version

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Vibrate With The Source Of Cosmic Creation & Instant Manifestation!

Rise Above Old Earth Density To Re-Birth New Earth Luminosity!

Transmute Negative Energies, Astral Entities & Lower Frequencies Into Multi-Dimensional Mastery, Soul Sovereignty & Divine Alchemy!

Meet The Nameless Ones In The Central Sun To Help You:
  • Meet Your Star Tribes & Family Of Light
  • Raise Your Ascension Vibration
  • Connect With Christed Galactic ET's
  • Channel Angels, Guides & Divine Beings
  • Enhance Your Psychic Gifts & 5D Telepathy
  • See Through Veils Between Dimensions
  • Awaken Your Sahasrara & Angel Chakras
  • Upgrade Your Divine DNA & Dormant Gifts
This Nameless Ones Are Here To Over-See & Over-Light You With:
  • Divine Love
  • Star Magic
  • Cosmic Creation
  • Holy Healing
  • The Heart Of God/Goddess/All That Is

Travel into the crystalline heart of the great central sun chakra to:
  • Feel Safe & Supported On Golden Gaia
  • Ease Your Ascension Symptoms
  • Hold 100% Pure Light
  • Re-Claim Multi-Dimensional Mastery
  • Retrieve Your Star Gifts & Magical Abilities
  • Expand Into Cosmic Consciousness
  • Play with 7 Angelic Crystals

Learn about the magical & multi-dimensional Azeztulite healing stone to:
  • Meditate With
  • Sleep With
  • Pray With
  • Heal With
  • Dream With

Move out of ordinary reality into non-ordinary reality to meet your higher self, I AM Presence & Your Enlightened Ancestors From Planet Azez.

Teleport To Your Home Planet & Planet Azez!
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