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Vandana Light Healing

Zeal Point Chakra Activation MP3 Version

Zeal Point Chakra Activation MP3 Version

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The Zeal Point Chakra is also known as the Mouth of God, Well of Dreams, Jade Pillow & Ascension Chakra.

It is said it was open and active during Lemurian and Atlantian days and became closed down in humanity when Atlantis fell.

This chakra connects directly with the pineal and pituitary glands, the crown chakra, the heart chakra and the kundalini.

It is the only chakra that actually channels energy into the body.

If you experience chronic headaches or neck & shoulder pain, you may be experiencing zeal point ascension symptoms urging you to share your gifts & speak your truth!

As the The Zeal Point chakra opens, it activates your galactic chakras & awakens you to higher states of bliss, peace & grace!

This Ascension chakra parts the veils between dimensions to help you remember your light language & retrieve ancient lost knowledge from past lives & parallel timelines.

When the well of dreams is open, it's easier to connect with your higher self, angels & ascended masters in higher dimensions & in the company of heaven.

As this ancient charka emerges & evolves, it helps your limbic brain & nervous system release old fear, fight & flight imprints so you can absorb, process & integrate new updates & light codes with ease & grace!

Join This Ascension Activation Transmission Healing Journey & Experience:
  • Psychic Gifts Expansion
  • Enhanced Intuitive Insights
  • Advanced Dream Recall
  • Seeing & Hearing Your Angels & Guides
  • New Healing Abilities 
  • Soul Travel Experiences
  • Multi-Dimensional Communication
  • Deeper Connection To Spirit World
82 minutes
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