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Vandana Light Healing

Ascended Beings from the Higher Dimensions MP3

Ascended Beings from the Higher Dimensions MP3

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Have you been struggling with ascension symptoms and emotional roller coaster rides?

Do you feel dense, depleted, drained and exhausted and would like to reclaim your vitality, passion and life force energies again here in the 3D?

The ascended master beings are always available and oversee all of creation including your soul and would like you to experience higher dimensional consciousness while still in this dimension.

The enlightened ones send forth light and love and make contact with us at the level of the heart. When you accelerate your heart light, you can become a divine and perfect channel of divine light and unconditional loving kindness, compassion and harmonic healing.

The entire cosmos is filled with beings of light evolving on different levels of consciousness, within the many octaves of the heaven world.

Other planetary homes and star systems are home to these life waves and the vast splendor of the body of God far exceeds any energies we’ve experienced before.

These higher Beings of Great Light assist the Earth from other stars, the God-star Sirius, from the Pleiades and from our twin star Venus.

On this call, Vandana will evoke the higher frequencies of cosmic beings including:
  • Elohim Cassiopea
  • Sanat Kumara & Lady Venus
  • The Hierachies Of The Pleiades
  • The Spirit Of Selflessness From The Great Central Sun
  • The Nameless One
  • The Four And Twenty Elders
  • The Mighty Blue Eagle
  • and many more who desire to know and love you!
We will explore any resistance to vibrating this high so you can manifest a magical life and reset your entire reality!

The Ascended Beings from the Stars have a message for you…many messages…!!!

Are you listening?

Tune in and teleport to the stars to shift your reality in the blink of an eye!

106 minutes
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