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Vandana Light Healing

Arcturian Purification Activation - For Re-Youthing, Beautification & Rejuvenation

Arcturian Purification Activation - For Re-Youthing, Beautification & Rejuvenation

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Welcome to the Arcturian Temple Of Re-Youthing, Beautification & Rejuvenation!

This is a divine invitation to rest, relax & recover  in spa sanctuaries, chakra baths & rainbow rivers of eternity, beauty & codes of immortality.

Join Me to be escorted & supported to galactivate & cosmically update your cells, mitochondria & DNA to purify & electrify your shimmer, shine & glow frequency from long forgotten days gone by.

Restore your Arcturian Blueprint, Longevity Frequency Starseed Identity To Retrieve Your Energy, Vitality & Eternal  Beauty With Dr. Lorpahn & The AMA Team Of Re-Youthing Specialists In The Stars!

Be Spoon Fed With Honey Nectar, Liquid Ambrosia &  Drops Of Amrita In The Halls Of Shambhalla Where Aging, Dis-Ease & Illness Do Not Exist!

Restore Your Birthright To Live Long, Feel Your Best & Prosper!!!!

Receive A  Life Affirming, Love Offering & Maternal Blessing From Divine Mother, Shechina & Quantum Quan Yin To Heal, Help & Harmonize Your Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine Healthy & Holy Frequency!

Teleport Into The Higher Realms Outside Of Time & Space Where Magical, Multi-dimensional & Miraculous Cures, Star Medicine & Vibrational Remedies Can Be Accessed & Experienced To Extend Your Life On A Cellular Level.

In This Golden Galactivation Trance-Mission, You Will Receive:

  • Strengthen & Tighten Your Divine DNA Telemors
  • Raise Your Primordial Vibrational Frequency
  • Regenerate & Rejuvenate Cellular Debris
  • Energize & Revivify A Healthy Mind/Body Physicality
  • Accelerate & Elevate Your Eternal Youth Vibration
  • Heal & Seal Energy Leaks & Relationship Drains
  • Arcturian Endocrine System Regeneration Reclaibration
  • Nervous System Regulation & Endocrine System  De-Adrenalization
  • Spin Out Toxic Density & Astral Entities That Age & Exhaust You
  • Melchizeek Golden Garment Galactivation For Auric Field Protection
  • Etheric Acupuncture To Unlock Density, Dis-Ease & Toxic Debris
  • Stem Plasma Cell & Infra Red Laser Light Rejuvenation Therapy

Magnify Your Youth Vibration In The Arcturian Dimension & Receive Platinum Protection To Cool You Off, Prevent Burn Out & Heal Your Emotional Nervous Systems.

Restore Your Lost Vitality,  Radiant Resiliency & Ageless Beauty In The Arcturian Lakes, Oceans & Rivers Of Crystalline Divinity!

Live Class Replay - 118 Minutes - MP4 Video

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