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Vandana Light Healing

Arcturian Healing & Karma Clearing Transmission MP3

Arcturian Healing & Karma Clearing Transmission MP3

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As Starseeds, Empaths & Blue Ray Beings, you may be carrying negative energies, miasmic karmic imprints & quantum entanglements with negative ETS or Star Races that created galactic trauma, soul loss & disempowerment.

The Arcturian Medical Assistants (AMA) better known as 'the doctors of the universe' will be making a special 'house call' to those that are 'called' to receive a quantum prescription for a divine dosage of healing elixirs, star medicine & vibrational upgrades to heal & repair your nervous system & electrical light body.

The Arcturian Emissaries Of Light will over LIGHT you with their master healing energies, advanced light technology & their amazingly high vibration so you can remember who you are, reclaim your soul gifts & speak your truth with ease & grace.

Many of you are experiencing a starseed re-awakening as you do your best to keep up with the accelerated ascension energies & magnetic earth shifts but need vibrational support & divine doctoring to clear karmic distortions, negative energies & fear programming.

If you are reading this & this information feels familiar & resonates, you or your ancient ancestors may be from Arcturus or may share Pleidean/Sirian/Andromedan or Lyran DNA.

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Beings Of Light are here to:
  • Ease your ascension symptoms
  • Clear timeline trauma
  • Repair Galactic DNA
  • Raise your vibration
  • Re-Calibrate your nervous system & electrical light body
  • Adjust your field to hold more light
  • Create more ease, space & flow in your physicality
  • Attract new earth abundance, support & clarity on your true path
Listen to this MP3 to help you release toxic energies, implants, etheric mucous, parasites and other artificial intelligence living off your energy and life force to heal & harmonize your physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies.

The Arcturian Doctors & Spirit Surgeons will unhook you from the old karmic earth grid and connect you to the new ascending crystalline 5D grid & your highest soul ascension timeline that's most appropriate for your soul growth & spiritual development so you can thrive on the new earth vibration.

Be prepared to lift off & experience advanced healing techniques on the Arcturian light ships as they visit you from the asteroid belt at the galactic core, the milky way & the great central sun to help you make the shift out of 3D fear into 5D love.

When you call & ask for help, they will help you to release & transform fear, guilt & shame for you & your ancestors from the stars.

Join your Star Families, Pleidean/Sirian Ancestors & Arcturian Galactic Doctors To:
  • Activate Your Christed Crystalline DNA Templates
  • Upgrade Your Ascended Chakra Systems
  • Repair Your Cells, Atoms & Electromagnetic Field With Celestial Light
  • Heal & Seal Rips, Tears & Invasive Energies In Your Auric Bodies
  • Awaken To Your Star Mission & Be Of Service
  • Raise Your Vibration To Embody Ease, Peace & Space
  • Transmute 3D Fear, Lack & Scarcity Into 5D Love, Unity & Community

To Experience The Arcturian Healing Pod Activations & Laser Light Healing Technology, All You Have To Do Is Say YES!!!!!

Your Starship Awaits!!!

Teleport To The Stars Here!

98 minutes
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