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Vandana Light Healing

Arcturian Healing & 5D Clearing For Body Image & Self-Esteem MP3

Arcturian Healing & 5D Clearing For Body Image & Self-Esteem MP3

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Have you been feeling drained, depleted & dense in your 3D body?

Would you like to feel lighter, clearer & brighter in your 5D diamond light body?

Are you ready to re-parent your inner child body to become its own spirit guide & guardian?

If you've said YES, then come experience Magical & Multi-Dimensional Healing Processes outside of space & time & travel off planet to meet with Dr. Lorphan & His Christed Galactic Medical Teams Who Have Volunteered To Help You Love Your Body & Feel More Comfortable In Your Own Skin!!!

As Starseeds, Empaths, Indigos & Sensitive Souls, you may have absorbed (‘like a cosmic sponge’) ancestral body beliefs that caused you to feel like a prisoner in your own body!

In This Galactivation, You Will Experience being a Cosmic Sponge to pull in & absorb Pure Light, Star Medicine & Solar Energy so you no longer need to absorb & take on the energies of 3D debris, density & dis-embodiment.

To Accelerate deep inner & outer transformation, Your Divine Healing Team Is Now Available To Intervene to shift you out of body trauma timelines so you can expand into your highest JOY BODY Timeline with Divine Ease & Glorious Grace!

Dr. Lorphan & The Arcturian Medical Team have Volunteered To Over-LIGHT you as you shed layers of dense debris, swallowed tears & suppressed e-motions you've absorbed & stored as issues in your tissues so you can ascend WITH YOUR BODY In Your Temple Of Living Light!

In This Galactivation, You Will Be Teleported To The Arcturian Temple Of Healing, Be Welcomed By Lord Arcturus & Lady Arcturus & Receive Advanced Light Healing From Dr. Lorphan, The Director of the Great White Sirian Lodge In Shambhalla In The Inner Pyramids Of Light.

Your Higher Self & I AM Presence Have Already Divinely Agreed To Meet With The Miraculous Physician Of The Universe Better To Receive Physical & Emotional Healing To Experience What It Would Look & Feel Like To LOVE Yourself FREE of Body Stories, Body Beliefs & Body Pain.

Receive Advanced Healing Technology & Laser Light Body Treatments On The Athena Arcturian Starship To Quiet Your Mind, Soothe Your Nervous System & Create The 5D Body Of Your Dreams!!!

Once on board the Arcturian Healing Chambers, Dr. Lorphan will assign you to your very own blue sapphire healing pod where you will receive etheric acupuncture to unlock energy blocks & clear your four-body-system of etheric, astral, mental, emotional, spiritual & physical dis-ease & dis-harmony.

In This Session, You Will Experience Inter-Galactic Ascension Healing From The PTSD Medical Specialists, Cosmic Shamans & Timeline Trauma Team To Help You Let Go & Dissolve Body Shame, Retrieve Your Body Pleasure/Power Pieces & Return Back Home To Your Soul Body Of Infinite Energy, Loveability & 5D Telepathy.

Experience Blissful Healing In The Arcturian Healing Chambers To:

• Upgrade Your 3D Brain, Spine & Nervous System
• Unlock Body Blocks, Burdens & Shame
• Dissolve Density, Debris & Dis-Ease
• Embody Infinite Ease, Space & Energy Flows
• Release Empathic Body Wounds & Wound Trauma
• Awaken Your Svadhistana Pleasure Chakras
• Activate & Integrate Your 3D & 5D Bodies

Soothe Your Troubled Soul, Soften Stuck Points & Melt Body Armor In Your Sapphire Blue Body Pod To Love, Nourish & Forgive Your Beloved Body Of Living Light!

On This Galactic Journey, You will experience:
• Advanced Arcturian Healing Processes
• Non-Invasive Laser Light Technology
• Etheric Acupuncture To Release 3D Body Toxins
• Star Magic, Space Dust & Divine Doctoring
• Svadhistana Lotus Petalled Pleasure Chakra Awakening
• Manipura Tigers Eye Empowerment Activation

• A Golden Net Process To Absorb Physical Stress, Struggle & Suffering
• A Platinum Net Process To Dissolve Body Blame, Shame & Ancestral Pain
• A Celestial Seraphim Salve Blessing Balm To Heal & Seal Power Leaks & Energy Drains
• Prana Wind Clearing Device To Unlock Stomach Armor & Unwind Body Tension
• Golden Cylinder Process To Remove Others Bodies Energies From Your Bodies

Step into Your Arcturian Healing Pleasure Pod & Healing Chambers To Experience Diamond Light Codes & Crystal Geometries From The Comfort Of Your Own Earth Healing Pod.

Your Divine Healing Intervention Team Does Make House Calls & Are Open 24/7 In All Dimensions, Timelines, Galaxies & Realities!

Upon your return from Lady Galactica to Lady Gaia, You Will Experience New Earth Support & Ascension Grounding To Stabilize Your Crystalline Light Body With Nature Intelligence & Forest Bathing!

To Make It Even Easier To Integrate & Assimilate Your New Light Body, Sign Up Now To Serve The Planet & Serve As Your Own Bodies Gatekeeper, Grid Worker & Spirit Guide On This 5D Earth Ascension Timeline!!!

117 minutes
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