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Vandana Light Healing

Galactic Healing For ADD, Anxiety & Hyperactivity

Galactic Healing For ADD, Anxiety & Hyperactivity

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Ignite Your Inner Light With Your Arcturian Ancestors In The Golden Temple Of Illumination!

Join Me To Dissolve Stress, Density & Anxiety To Align With Your Divine Mind & I AM Presence!

Take A Sacred Journey To Burn Karmic Density & Earth Debris In The Blue Violet Flame Of Light!

Lord & Lady Arcturus Invite You To Awaken Your 3rd Eye, Speak Your Truth & Trust Your Gut!

Your Arcturian Guardians Over-See Your Light & Over-Light Your Souls Ascension Process With:

  • Laser Light
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Crystal Geometries
  • Light Surgeries
  • Divine Doctoring
  • Arcturian Healing
  • Etheric Acupuncture

Experience The Intoxication Of Esctatic Love & Euphoric Bliss Outside Of Time & Space.

Meet Your Arcturian Guardians & Temple Workers To Clear 100% Fear & Vibrate From 100% Love!!!!

Welcome To The Temple Of Truth, Transparency & Authenticity!

Experience Love, Peace & Harmony In The Higher Realms Outside Of Time & Space!

Discover Your True Identity As You Gaze Upon Your Own Inner Reflection & Radiance!

On This Sacred Soul Journey, You Will Be Attuned To The Blue Light Of Spirit & The Violet Light Of Transmutation To Clear Fear & Hold 100% Pure Light As A Divine Human & Living Avatar!

Awaken To Arcturian Ascension & Transfiguration To Evolve Into Your Most Radiant Self!

Step Into The Mirror Of Illumination & Inner Reflection To Reveal & Heal Your True Identity!

On This Sacred Journey, Your Soul Has Full Permission To:
  • Drop False Masks, Roles & False Identities
  • Unzip Armor & 3D Invisibility
  • Dissolve Veils Of Illusion & Confusion
  • Forgive Yourselves & Others In All Timelines, Galaxies & Realities
  • Expand Into Your Greatest Self & I AM Presence
  • Embody Your Natural State Of Serenity, Space & Grace
  • Move Beyond Human Stories Into Truth & Transparency

Meet Your Arcturian Guardians Of Light To Awaken Your Holy Divinity, Luminosity & Immortality!!!

91 minutes
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