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Vandana Light Healing - Divine Light Healing MP3s

Platinum Shield Activation Bundle

Platinum Shield Activation Bundle

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Listen, lie back & receive 12th Dimensional Arcturian Doctors In The Stars!

Receive Accelerated Light Healing & Anti-Viral Protection To Detoxify Density, Toxicity & Lower Vibrational Frequencies.

Receive Golden Light Protection To Loosen Congestion From Your Eyes, Nose, Throat, Lungs & Bronchial Respiratory System To Counteract & Protect You From Viral Particles, Pathogens & Less Than Kind Entities That Threaten Or Weaken Your Natural Immunity Defense System.

Take 2 Sacred Journeys To Strengthen Your Light, Clear Your Mind & Align With Pure Platinum Protective Frequencies Of Advanced Healing Technologies On Planet Arcturus, Star Sirius & In The Inner Realms Of Shambhala.

Receive Etheric Acupuncture, Spirit Surgeries & Divine Doctoring To Clear Core Fear & Receive Miraculous Healing From The Karmic Clearing Angels, Guides & Solar Deities From The Great Arcturian Central Sun.

These High Frequencies Will Help You Relax, Rest & Digest Turbulent Timelines Of Uncertainty To Stabilize & Neutralize Fear Triggers, Overwhelm Or Suppressed Stress That May Compromise Your Emotional Nervous System.

Each Time You Listen, You Will Feel Safely Seen, Served & Supported On The Grounding New Earth Empowerment Energies With Ease, Clarity & 5D Sovereignty

As You Soul Travel To Your Own Cosmic Inner Pharmacy To Raise Your Vibration, Retrieve Your Life Force Energy & Become God Sovereign Free In All Galaxies & Realities.

Drop In, Unplug & Recover Your Immortal Soul With Your Very Own Protective Platinum Safety Net, Shield & Anti-Malware Protection Activation.

Listen At Bed Time For Best Results.

This Bundle Contains:


If you've been experiencing sleep deprivation, symptoms of depression or frequent forgetfulness, your galactic dream doctors & somatic sleep specialists are available to help you fall asleep & stay asleep with magical, natural & alchemical medicine from the stars!

Lie back, lean in & recline into the Arcturian dimensions & shimmering vibrations that can help you unlock chakra blocks, clear your fear & protect you with platinum shields, merkaba stars & bless your living space with sacred sleep symbology, crystal geometries & laser light technology.

Each time you listen to the shimmering vibrations, the solfeggio sounds soothe your nervous system, cleanse your field & soothe your Neshama Troubled Soul.

Receive divine dream downloads, DNA upgrades & Cosmic Updates from Dr Lorphan, The AMAS (Arcturian Medical Assistants), Master Vyamus, Lord Kuthumi & The 3 M's (Archangel Metatron, The Mahatma & Melchizedek).

Come play in the stars & teleport to your Mothership & be divinely escorted, held & nurtured in beds of roses, star sapphires & sleep elixirs in Holy Heart Healing Chambers of Divine Rest, Respite & Recovery.

Bathe, Soak & Float In Liquid Platinum, Honey Nectar & Drops Of Ambrosia With Your Arcturian Spa Attendants In Your Very Own Arcturian Pod & Tub Of Tranquility To Cleanse, Purify & Detoxify You From Exposure To Negativity, Toxicity Or Less Than Kind Energies From Past Lives, Harsh Realities & Ancient Memories That Do Not Serve, Bless Or Support You.

De-Materialize 3D Trauma & Melt Away Imprinted Stress With FIR (Far Infra Red) Solar Technology, Magical Mandalas & Sacred Symbology in the safe & protective presence of Platinum Angels, Power Allies, Star Shamans, Ancestral Elders, Ascended Masters & Kachina Protectors to guide, guard & protect you on your inter-dimensional soul travels beyond the veil.

You will receive multiple attunements to activate your own 12 Platinum Shield to surround & protect you while your mind & body are more vulnerable to other dimensional energies & entities.

The Arcturian Processes will strengthen your boundaries, tighten your grids & bless you in shimmering bubbles, torches of light & a christed cosmic egg of life to keep you safe & well in dream time & on your galactic travels in all galaxies & realities between worlds.

Awaken to your God Sovereign Free Identity With Your Divine Dream Doctors & Soulful Sleep Specialists!

Start Sleeping, Resting & Feeling Well Now!

Live Class Replay - 120 Minutes - MP4 Video


Platinum Shield Activation - For Dream Time Protection

This potent & powerful process clears, heals & harmonizes your human & galactic chakras, nadis & meridians while casting out unhelpful astral entities, harmful hereditary toxins & inter-generational inherited trauma from past lives, in the womb or in your childhood developmental years.

The Platinum Ray, Shield & Net are composed of the highest vibrations of galactic light, sacred geometries & solar technologies to help you feel safe, strong & supported as an empath, telepath, paradigm shifter & ascension awakener here to save lives, lead tribes & heal the planet.

Join me in welcoming Dr Lorphan, The Arcturians & The Divine Trinity Collective Of Mighty Ascended Masters (The 3 M's) known as Lord Melchizedek, The Mahatma and Archangel Metatron to receive their powerful protection and divine intervention in all of your lifetimes, timelines, galaxies & realities where your essence still exists.

If you're ready to raise your vibration & receive divine protection from Melchizedek, The Mahatma & Archangel Metatron, please join us to help you release others energies, retrieve your own & clear your field of foreign energies & astral entities that distort, diminish & disempower your light.

The Platinum Net releases you from 3D density, debris & disempowerment energies so you can feel safe & supported sharing your gifts, speaking your truth & being of service as a divine human re-birthing the new earth.

Experience 100% pure platinum light to shield you from negative energies & intensities that have created ascension symptoms of chronic stress, ptsd & daily anxiety in false timelines of chaos, confusion & intensity.

When you say YES & are simply willing to unpack old earth energies, you can embody the new earth frequencies of truth, transparency & authenticity as your spiritual inheritance & divine birthright.

The platinum cosmic clearing net dissolves density, debris & disharmony you've stored & absorbed from other people, places & spaces to liberate you from lifetimes of trying to fit in, caretaking others & disowning your star seed true identity.

The Platinum Net strengthens your field, personal boundaries & free will as it destabilizes, neutralizes, purifies & detoxifies you of energetic poisons, parasites & pollutants in your subtle, etheric, astral, emotional, mental, spiritual , 50 Chakras, 22  bodies & your empathic emotional nervous system.

When you join this group avatar clearing call, Lord Melchizedek, the Mahatma and Metatron will bless you with a Platinum Protection Net to anchor and remove all imbalanced impure imprints of less than kind energies & memories from your field & place a permanent wall of light protection & rainbow bubbles of light to ban interference, de-activate negativity & tighten your grids to strengthen your spiritual, psychological and physical immune systems.

Come play in the stars in holy healing hospitals, multi-dimensional medical centers & cosmic womb re-birthing rooms to bathe in bliss, float on air & swim in liquid silver, honey gold & sapphire star light.

Jump into your private protection pod to experience emotional healing in the great white lodge & inner planes with Dr. Lorphan, the Galactic Healers, the Ascended Masters, the Arcturians and the Platinum Angels from Shambhalla & Star Sirius.

As an added bonus, we will invite, invoke & summon forth your EMT specialists (emergency team) to surround you with a permanent Platinum Tube of Light for immediate accelerated intervention & divine protection.

To reverse divine feminine dis-empowerment, you will receive a golden galactivation trance-mission from Archangel Lady Faith to dissolve self-doubt, restore your trust & renew your faith that you are worthy & deserving of receiving 100% unconditional love with rejuvenation ring of red roses to absorb  less than kind energy before it can enter your field.

When you climb aboard your Mothership in your holy healing pod, you will be elegantly escorted & divinely guided into the Arcturian Healing Chambers to unlock suppressed stress, trapped trauma & emotional energy blocks with Etheric Acupuncture & Acupressure from the Over-Lighting Master Acupuncturists.

Live Class Replay - 110 Minutes - MP4 Video

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