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Vandana Light Healing

Animal Reiki Certification Program

Animal Reiki Certification Program

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This course teaches you specific hand placements, animal chakra healing, energy balancing and protocols to attune your pet and all animals to Loving, Kind & Compassionate Animal Reiki.

You will learn practitioner skills, tools, and techniques to transmit divine light & universal life force energy to treat the root of suffering & help animals experience release stress & embody a deep state of peace & relaxation when offering Reiki Sessions to sick or injured animals in person or at a distance.

  • The history of Animal Reiki
  • Animal Reiki I & II Placements
  • Animal Reiki techniques for in-person and distant sessions, Animal Reiki meditations, Grounding Exercises, how to recover from compassion fatigue and Animal Grief Healing Meditations
  • Animal Reiki Preparation Instructions, Receiving the animal’s consent for Reiki and developing your own Animal Reiki style with hand positions
  • Review of common healing issues for animals including disharmony, loneliness, grief, confusion, illness, end of life, animals and children and animal communication
  • Distant Animal Reiki techniques for single animals or groups, candidates for distant Reiki, and how to use photos, symbols & prayers to animal spirit guides for live or distant sessions by phone, facetime or zoom
  • How to give Reiki to different species of animals outdoors and in animal shelters
  • Practicing chakra healing and hand positions with a stuffed animal as a surrogate
  • How to create a thriving Animal Reiki practice in formal or professional environments, veterinary offices, zoos or wildlife rehab facilities, animal shelters, therapy animal organizations, animal sanctuaries, and how to incorporate Reiki in these settings.
  • The ICRT Animal Reiki I & II Manual
  • An Animal Reiki Certificate Of Completion
  • Prerequisite – Anyone with Reiki II or higher from any lineage.
  • Cost – $333 
  • Includes 5 Recorded Classes

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