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Vandana Light Healing

The Angels Of Prosperity

The Angels Of Prosperity

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On this 3-week accelerated angelic abundance activation journey, you will learn how to sweep your aura, glow your halo & grow new wings of abundance, independence & freedom of movement to manifest your sacred soul purpose in every direction & dimension.

I'm excited to introduce you to the Ancestral Abundance Angelic Advisors who help you repair your broken wings & unfulfilled dreams so you can clear karmic debt, lack & hundreds of generations of poverty so you can trust your gut, lighten your vibration & shift limitations in your current reality with your divine feminine intuitive magical alchemy.

Each time we meet, you will be able to finally unravel limiting beliefs, clear ancestral fear & dissolve generational vows of poverty that create scarcity & not enough energy.

Your energy wings will be bathed, washed & cleansed of inherited, learned & passed on cellular trauma from your family karma that block your natural ability to feel worthy & align your energy with the divine frequency of authenticity, transparency & new earth prosperity.

You will also be attuned to the Archeia Female Archangels, Chakra Doctors, The Goddess Abundantia & The 6 Guardian Angels to help you attract & manifest an abundant mindset.

In order to help you grow, build & expand your flexible energy wings, I will be teaching you how to open, expand & clear muscular tension from the back of your heart, spine & hara line & to move stagnant energy from the base to the tips of your wings to retrieve your birthright to live freely, independently and without financial stress & worry.

I invite you to lighten your empathic energy wings to release your first caregivers’ fears, cellular memories of scarcity & your stressed brains looping systems of chronic worry, anxiety & not enough safety threats that keep your etheric energy wings heavy, stuck & in survival mode.

Join one or all three shape shifting journeys to align with your natural flow of wealth, health & planetary prosperity so you can break the spell of struggle, suffering & adversity for you & all the souls who volunteered to birth you, raise you & call themselves your human family!

In week #1, you will experience:

A womb trauma re-patterning journey with your soul angel to release & clear your birth Mothers fears, doubts & worries around financial struggle, parental responsibility & lack of support she experienced while carrying you that you still carry in your cells, muscles & adult child psyche. This includes a lack of nutrients, physical space & not enough oxygen filling your lungs.

In week #2, you will experience:

A re-birthing divine intervention attunement with the angels of surgery to help you clear the memory of a difficult labor, fear of not making it & lack of immediate bonding if born prematurely, forced out with forceps or through birth complications that you're still unconsciously re-creating that make you feel disconnected, separated & unworthy of receiving.

In week #3, you will experience:

A childhood conditioning re-printing journey with the 6-winged Seraphim to over-light your younger soul and shift your parents’ mindset from karmic debt, no choice & victimhood to financial abundance, freedom of movement, & prosperity consciousness.

Join me to discover how to re-claim your birthright & spiritual inheritance to magically create, attract & manifest liquid gold, money flows & lavish abundance to heal your relationship with the Angels, Goddesses & Archeias of Abundance Alchemy!

8 hours MP4 Video and Mp3 Audio + 27 PDF Documents

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