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Vandana Light Healing - Divine Light Healing MP3s

Cosmic Chakra Angelic, Dragon & Unicorn Attunement Program

Cosmic Chakra Angelic, Dragon & Unicorn Attunement Program

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I'm Excited To Invite You To A Brand New Chakra Activation Attunement To Activate Your Star Mind, Buddha Brain & 5th Dimensional Causal Chakra Of Enlightenment.

In This 3 Class Stargate Transmission, You'll Be Able To Meditate Until You Levitate & Teleport To The 12th Dimensional Lyran Stargate To Expand Open, Expand & Attune Your Consciousness To The Cosmic Guidance Of 9th  Dimensional Unicorn, White Gold Dragons & The Divine Feminine Christed Medicine Of Archangel Christiel.

This Causal Chakra Awakening Bathes Your Thoughts, Perceptions & Mental Formations In The White Ascension Flame Of Purification To Dissolve 3D Mind Clutter So You Can Raise Your Vibration & Retrieve Missing Information Containing Your Soul Purpose & The Secrets Of The Universe.

In Class 1

You Will Experience A Journey To Your Home Planet To Reunite With Kind & Compassionate Soul Star Family Within The Heart Of The Diamond White Purification Flame With Your Beloved Community Of Lyran Archangels, Archeia Christiel With Her Twin Flame Archangel Mallory & White Gold Protective Dragon Guardians Who Invite You To Attend A Coming Home Ceremonial Ritual Over-Lit By Grandmother Moon To Unlock Crown Chakra Blocks, Veils Of Forgetfulness & Programs Of Unworthiness To Help You Dissolve Mental Stress, Hypervigilance & Enable You To Clearly Focus & Manifest Your Highest Soul Purpose.

In Class 2

You Will Experience Attuning To The Fiery Fearless Feminine Frequency Of The Lyran White Gold Dragon Kingdom Who Escort You To The Pool Of 9th Dimensional Christed Frequency To Sweep Away Astral Debris, Auric Attachments & Cleanse Your Cosmic Lens So You Can See  Beyond Duality, Trust Your Telepathy & Remember How To Practice Your Divine Magical Priestess Alchemy  Aligning With Their Sparkling Higher Dimensional Potent & Powerful Protective Energy.

In Class 3

You Will Receive Blessings From The 7th & 9th Dimensional Magical Lyran Unicorn Kingdoms To Recapture Your Lost Innocence, Playfulness & Reconnect With Loving & Kind Angelic Guardians That Will Open Your Third Eye, Melt Heart Armor & Awaken Your Cosmic Causal Chakra To Channel Multidimensional Messages, Spiritual Information & Divine Inspiration To Help You Fulfill Your Soul Contracts In Every Dimension. 

When Your 5D Causal Chakra Is Open, Awakened & Free From Lifetimes Of Limiting Childhood Conditioning, Programming & Hiding Your Gifts, You Will Be Able To Live In Your Heart, Share Your Planetary Gifts, Be Of Service & Tap Into Your Star Minds Higher Dimensional Wisdom.

Experience A Causal Chakra Galactivation To Embody Mental Peace, Freedom From Worry & Angelic Blessings From Your Lyran Dragons, Unicorns & The Archeia Christiel.

Includes a total of 3 MP4 Video and 3 MP3 Audio Class Replays & 16 printable PDF Documents - 6 Hours and 45 minutes playtime in total.

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