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Vandana Light Healing

Angelic Empowerment Inner Child Attunement Program

Angelic Empowerment Inner Child Attunement Program

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It is my great honor to invite you, attune you & help you celebrate your divine child’s homecoming to be re-birthed & re-parented by angelic caregivers, protectors & the galactic female archangels-archeias intervention team that over-light your soul light in the 15th dimension.

This 3-part-awe-inspiring program allows your "little ones" cellular memories, miasmic imprints & angel aura wings to heal, clear fear & seal rips & tears from early childhood loss, neglect & insecure attachment from the wounded adult children who raised you.

If you're inner child requires re-parenting, you can step in and mend your childhood wounds especially if you are easily triggered, over-reactive & act out in relationships by having unexpected outbursts, emotional meltdowns & "mini tantrums" that leave you feeling drained, exhausted & unappreciated.

This Empowerment Program serves & supports you & your Disempowered Child By Re-Connecting You To Your Joyful, Magical & Playful Child That Ran Away From A Toxic Or Unsafe Home Environment.

When You Join This Class, you will experience a soul reunion with your angelic light advocates & galactic archangelic protectors that teleports you to the heart of your empathic child & reunites you with your home planets mothering nurturing caregivers, trauma timeline transformers & the Seraphim Salve from 6 winged holy fire purifiers & etheric light weavers to illuminate your halo, strengthen your hara life line & repair your wounded child’s broken wings & dreams so you can become more emotionally resilient, intelligent & present as your inner child’s new earth guardian.

In this Angelic Empowerment Inner Child Attunement Journey, You Will Learn How To Invoke, Connect & Communicate With Your Cosmic Caregivers, Compassionate Counselors, Ministering Angels & Child Protector Therapists To Help You Forgive Yourself, Re-Write Victimhood Stories & Be Given Full Permission To Own Your Gifts, Speak Your Truth & Activate Your Divine Diamond, Crystalline & Multidimensional Magical Child Living Inside.

If You Are Ready To Experience "Real Change" That Doesn't Last A Day But Can Last A Lifetime & Have Experienced Early Childhood Trauma In A Home Where You Were Exposed To Emotionally Unavailable, Neglectful Or Narcissistic Parents Who Weren't Able To Hear You, See You Or Consistently Provide For You, Please Join Me To Practice How To Stop Running From Difficult Feelings & Run Towards, Embrace & Welcome All Suppressed & Unexpressed Feelings & Invite Her Back Home Again.

You Will Also Meet Your Inner Childs Ancestral Angelic Guardian Who Oversees The Wounded Children’s Souls Of Your Birth Mother & Biological Father Bloodlines & Every Earth & Star Spiritual Ancestor To Clean Up, Clear Out & Heal Your Maternal & Paternal Ancestors Who Weren't Shown, Modeled Or Taught How To Handle Their Difficult Feelings That Were Passed Onto You So You Don't Have To Pass Them On To Your Born & Unborn Children.

When You & Your Inner Child Say YES Because You Are So Ready For This, You Will Experience: 

  • Mirror Eye Gazing To See Through The Lens Of Your Lost Innocence & Little Childs Bright Eyes
  • Ho'Opono Pono Self-Forgiveness To Release Shame, People Pleasing & Misunderstandings
  • Writing A Letter From Your Inner Childs Perspective & Writing Back As Her New Adult Parent
  • Touching The Hearts Of Your Ancestors Wounded Children To Empower Your Bloodline
  • Self-Care Processes & Exercises To Calm, Regulate & Re-Set Your Childs Nervous System

In Class #1:

You will be able to play with, breathe with & boost your inner child’s self-esteem, confidence, resilience, resourcefulness & your inner child’s emotional intelligence to always trust your intuition, knows how to create healthy relationships, can easily express your galactic gifts & can heal your growing pains from your earliest & forgotten childhood years with the Female Archangel & Archeia Lady Faiths Wings Of Freedom.

In Class #2:

You will be cleansed, healed & purified of toxic burdens as you are fanned with & smudged with the feminine fluttering wings of the Archeia Of Purity to sweep away invasive auric debris, clear childhood fears & unravel unsafe corded attachments you still carry from old earth caregivers, relatives that felt like strangers & family members who didn’t know how to take care of you that you still carry in your cells, muscles & DNA from the womb, the birth process & from childhood into adulthood.

In Class #3:

You will be given a 15th Dimensional Safety Net filled with the nourishing nutrients of Red Ruby Reiki Energy & The Pleidean Angelic Golden Frequency Of La Ho Chi & Etheric Light Surgery To Comfort & Cocoon You To Help You Manage Your Feelings & Melt Away Stress With The Archeia Charity who wraps her wings around you & teaches you how to hug, hold & love yourself with your heart wings that know exactly how to caress you. 


Join Me In The Angelic Empowerment Inner Child Attunement Nursery Room To Re-Parent Your Magical, Multidimensional & Miraculous Child That's Waiting To Return Home To You!

When you invest in your divine self, you invite your soul light back home to the temple of your body, become free & liberate the wounded children that still suffer in the bones of your ancestors.


Receive 8 Hours Of Transformational Tools, Energy Processes, Mirror Gazing, Journaling, Childhood Clearings & Angelic Empowerment Attunements With Divine Feminine Archeias, Watchers Of The Innocent & Protectors Of All Children Who Intervene When You Call Them In.


3 Divine Child Soul Retrieval Journeys to shift your vibration & expand your energy flows to support you in letting go of disempowering childhood conditioning so you can fully integrate your adult & child’s emotional bodies & receive new earth light codes of self-empowerment. That are always available to you through your angelic intervention team that over-lights you & your inner child from the higher dimensions.


Simple, Practical & Magical Daily Rituals to support you to Embody Your Divine Childs Wisdom, Gifts & Super Powers To Break The Spell Of Inherited Fear, Victimhood & Childhood, Abandonment Passed On By Your Ancestors Who Didn't Know & Weren't Shown How To Heal Their Inner Child Trauma.

You Will Receive Instant Lifetime Access On Every Living Light Replay To Watch & Listen To Over & Over Again Whenever Your Wounded Child Feels Alone, Abandoned, Fearful Or Simply Needs A Heavenly Hug, A Back Rub For Your Wings Or To Remember How To Re-Parent Your Own Inner Child.


8 hours MP4 Video and Mp3 Audio + 26 PDF Documents

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