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Vandana Light Healing

Angelic Abundance Shapeshifting Attunement

Angelic Abundance Shapeshifting Attunement

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Greetings Angelic Abundant Soul,

If you’re a highly sensitive empath & you’re struggling with the energy of lack, scarcity programs & belief systems passed down from your ancestors that make it hard to manifest abundance, I invite you to join me on a vibrational flight to elevate your angelic flow frequency!

I invite you to join me on a soul shifting journey to become free of financial worries & trust you are always safe & supported by your soul angels in higher dimensions to heal your poverty mind set, re-write survival vows & become a vibrational match to creatrix consciousness as a divine channel of heavenly abundance stationed on planet earth.

During our time together, I’ll create a safe & sacred container to sit back, relax & practice the art of creative visualization to unzip heavy energy, unlock chakra fear blocks, make peace with your inner critic & sweep your aura of not enough energy that won’t allow you to become a vibrational match to the energy of abundance.

I’m excited to be your guide on a sacred soul retrieval journey to retrieve your abundant light & show you how to fly with the angels of prosperity to shed earth density & ignite your superpowers to morph, shapeshift & embody the energy of wealth, abundance & lavish abundance.

Join me to meet the Angels Of Prosperity & Blue Winged Light Beings to help you identify where you carry the density of worry, fear, doubt & anxiety that won’t allow you to become a vibrational match to instantly receive unlimited sources from angelic guardians who see your gifts, believe in you & empower you to  trust your needs are always provided for!

When You Say YES, You'll Be Able To Experience The Elevating Sensation Of  Flying, Gliding, Flowing & Spreading Your Power Wings To Merge With The Angelic Presence To Gift You With Abundant Peace, Space & The Blessing Of Divine Grace.

Shift Your Heavy Chi Into The Prosperity Frequency To Experience:

  • An Abundance Of Career Offers & Job Security
  • Resources & Assets That Seem To Appear Out Of Nowhere
  • Joyful & Rewarding Work Projects
  • Unexpected Financial Income
  • Divine Inspiration & A Fresh Sense Of Purpose
  • Abundant Blessings & Synchronicities
  • Recognition For Your Gifts & Abilities
  • The Vibration Of Ease, Flow & Success

You'll Also Learn The Angel Numbers To Align With Wealth, Health & Manifesting Angelic Blessings To Empower & Encourage All Beings!

Experience The Prosperity Flow Frequency To Help You:

  • Embody Your Natural State Of Presence, Flow & Fluidity
  • Trust Your Angels Wings Have Your Back
  • Transform Your Problems into Your Greatest Assets
  • Boost Your Self-Confidence & Feel Good Enough
  • Being Paid Generously By Your Clients
  • Feeling Safe, Supported & Connected
  • Manifesting Your Desires Easily
  • Receiving Everything You Need
  • Receive Angelic Inspiration Daily
  • Doing what you love to do for a living

Take A Gentleness Break & Dissolve Heavy Blocks Of Stress By Spending Time Eye Gazing & Shapeshifting With Angelic Light Beings From Higher Dimensions To Enhance Your Soul Connection With Your Abundant True Nature, I AM Presence & The Angels Of Prosperity Who Help You Remember How To Lift Off & Land Safely With Your Own Heart Wings!


Live Class Replay - MP4 Video and MP3 Audio - 140min - 7 Printable Documents

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