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Vandana Light Healing

Ancient Egyptian Psychic Protection

Ancient Egyptian Psychic Protection

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I'm Honored To Invite You To A Brand New Ceremonial Ritual & Soul Retrieval To Take Back Your Sacred Feminine Power, Potency & Sovereignty You Left Behind Or Gave Away In Atlantis, Leumeria & Ancient Egypt.

In This Goddess Initiation, You Will Be Attuned To The 5 Prominent Priestesses Of Divination Alchemy, White Magic & Psychic Protection To Purify Womb Shame, Seal Energy Leaks & Be Free & Clear Of Less Than Kind Corded Energies That Occupy Your Heart, Mind & Your Survival Brain.

This Journey Takes You To The Temples Of Isis, Hathor & Sekhmet To Feed Your Soul With Temple Remedies, Recipes & Prescriptions Written In Limestones, Talismans & Amulets We Will Visit Found In The Temples Of Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli & Eternal Beauty.

In This Nearly 3 Hour Soul Soothing Hypnotic Experience, You Will Be Blessed & Caressed With Divine Feminine Intuitive Medicine Attunements As You Are Held, Bathed & Anointed By Sacred Temple Oils, Inter-Dimensional Crystals & Healing Encoded Amulets From: 

  • Goddess Isis - To Awaken Your Intuition
  • Goddess Sekhmet - To Unleash Your Personal Power
  • Goddess Hathor - To Activate Your Pleasure Centers
  • Goddess Nephthys - To Embrace Your Soul Shadows
  • Goddess Maat - To Speak Your Truth

You Will Then Be Escorted To The Holy Temples Of The Sun, Moon & Stars On A Guided Tour Inside The Womb Of The Queens Royal Chambers, Incubation Re-Birthing Room & Halls Of Light Reflective Mirrors To Reclaim Your Ascension Chair In The House Of Eternal Life Dedicated To Protecting Your Soul In The Hereafter.

To Be Cleansed, Cleared & Smudged From Imprints & Remnants Of Past Psychic Attacks With Your Original.

I Invite You To Experience The Fearless Courage, Clarity & Confidence From Your Divine Feminine Medicine Visitation & Celestial Medical Intervention With Prescriptions From The First Female Physicians, Alchemists & Herbalists In The Spa Sanctuaries Of Regeneration & Rejuvenation With: 

  • Chakra Showers To Open, Unravel & Cleanse Stuck Energy, Cords & Attachments
  • Milk & Honey Heated Perfumed Whirlpool Baths
  • Lotus Flower Aromatherapy, Tinctures, Elixirs & Etheric Acupuncture Surgery
  • Infra-Red & Violet Laser Light Therapies Womb Cleansing Color Therapies 
  • Celestial Cardiology To Open The Heart & Melt Heart Walls With The First Female Doctors

In This Other Worldy Temple Transmission, You & Your Female Bloodline Will Be Over-Lit & Illuminated To Restore Your Core Of Power & Be Given 4 Mantras Of Power To Enter The Gate Of Healing, Finding & Facing To Back, Bless & Support You To Embody The Sekhem Energy Of: 

  • Self-Love
  • Self-Care
  • Self-Responsibility
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Awareness

To Ground You Back Into Your Physical Body Temple, You Will Receive A Mini Shi Zen Treatment To Easily Digest & Process Higher Vibrational Star Medicine So You Can Embody Greater Confidence, Strengthen Your Personal Boundaries & Trust The Wisdom Of Your Enlightened Mind.

On Your Return Trip Back To This Present Now Reality, I Will Guide You Through A Jin Shin Self-Healing Technique To Help You Feel Safe, Calm & Re-Set Your Nervous System To Continuously Feel The Protective Wings Of Isis & Be Over-Lit By Sekhmet In A Sacred Safety Net As A Psychic Empath, Starseed & Living Goddess.

  • Sekhem Scepter Ritual For Self-Clearing From The Lioness Goddess Sekhmet
  • 9 Ancient Egyptian Sacred Symbols, Sigils & Power Tools To Banish Unwanted Energies
  • Cord Cutting Ankhs, Amulets, Spells, Hymns, Mantras & Knots Of Isis
  • Attunements To The Ka Shen Sekhem Symbols To Heal Your Heart & Soul
  • Sekhem Egyptian Vibrational Healing Attunement From The Star System Sirius


Live Class Replay - 169 minutes - MP4 and MP3 - 12 Printable Documents

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