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Vandana Light Healing

Goddess Bastet Attunement - For Healthy Boundaries

Goddess Bastet Attunement - For Healthy Boundaries

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Attune To The Feline Feminine Frequency Of The Cat Goddess Bastet!

In this 2 1/2 hour sacred trance healing journey you will be attuned to Goddess Bastet's anointing perfumed aromatherapeutic feminine moon medicine made of love, fertility, sensuality, and music. Her name translates as "Female of the Ointment jar," and she is the creator of perfumes and oils. Bast is the mother of cats and the magical power they contain. As protector of women and children, she is the guardian of the household and the bringer of health and prosperity.

Lie back & receive the Feminine Feline Frequencies Of Sirian & Lyran Star Medicine as The Cat Goddess Bastet bathes you with relaxing yet energizing rejuvenation blends, talismans, elixirs & re-birthing medicine to awaken your imagination & activate your extrasensory perceptions, power to envision & crystal clear intuition.


Live Class Replay - 161 minutes - MP4 and MP3 - 12 Printable Documents

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