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Vandana Light Healing

Goddess Sekhemet Attunement - For Courageous Fearlessness

Goddess Sekhemet Attunement - For Courageous Fearlessness

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Attune To The Shamanic Priestess Lioness Sekhmets Divine Feminine Empowering Spell Making Incantation Session Here:

In this divine feminine empowerment medicine intervention, you will be attuned to fiery red lioness & cobra kundalini creatrix spiritual surgery to keep you safe from negative energies, unwanted entities & less than kind frequencies that drain, deplete & That Disempower Your Natural Capacity & Ability To Heal Yourself Free Of Foreign Pathogens, Pollutants & Pandemic Dis-Ease

As you enter Sekhmets Solar Shakti Temple, she will banish symptoms of hormonal imbalance, impatience & early soul loss & gift you with Anks & Amulets Blessed With Lyran Light Codes Of Bravery, Courage & Tenacity That Are Strong Enough To Defeat Your Inner Demons. As Your Own Worst Energy as she prays over you & over-lights you with Lyran Light Codes composed of courage, positivity & royal energy to defeat your own inner demons & to never doubt your own powers, mastery & potency with her spells, sigils, symbols & scepters that restore your Ma'at balance, justice & most authentic true purpose.

Live Class Replay - 145 minutes - MP4 and MP3 - 8 Printable Documents

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