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Vandana Light Healing

Ancient Egyptian Divine Feminine Medicine Healing Program

Ancient Egyptian Divine Feminine Medicine Healing Program

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I'm honored to invite you to the most relevant modern day feminine medicine accelerated light divine doctoring program!

In this divine feminine medicine program, I Invite You To Experience An Empowering & Inspiring Golden Healing Opportunity To Be Attuned & Anointed To A Whole New Level Of Goddess Healing Mastery By The 3 Original Female Physicians In The Temples Of New Earth Divine Creatrix Womb Healing.

Each Master Healer Goddess, Doula, Priestess & Magician Carry Ancient Egyptian Kermetic Healing Medicine To Heal The Root Of Ancestral Spiritual Illness, Soul Sickness & Divine & Disempowered Womb Shadow Shame.

I've Channeled This Much Needed Practical Yet Magical Energy Medicine To Serve & Support You So You Can Feel Safe & Confident To Become Your Own Inner Physician, Healer & Doula To Trust You Ancient Body Wisdom By Simply Becoming Still, Listening & Honoring Your Psychic Perceptions & Spot On Intuition You Carry From Past Lives When You Studied In Mystery Schools On Star Sirius, In Atlantis & In The House Of Life Lapis Lazuli Egyptian Resurrection Temple.

The First Female Egyptian Priestesses, Healers, Magicians & Physicians are excited to teach, mentor & remind you how to heal yourself, prevent future illness & return to your natural state of balance to raise your vibration, embody clear vision & always trust your innate intuition.

In This Feminine Empowerment Program, You Will Meet & Merge With The Original Female Doctors, Doulas, Surgeons, Healers, Goddesses & Temple Workers To Gain The Courage & Confidence To See, Hear, Feel, Sense & Trust Your Goddess Given Natural Abilities To Connect With Your Star Families Yantras, Mantras, Chants, Colors, Symbols & Powers.

I Invite You To Take 3 Soul Soothing, Heart Expanding & Womb Healing Journeys To Help You:

  • Activate your magically alchemical shape shifting abilities to receive ongoing blessings & miraculous synchronicities as your new normal frequency
  • Reclaim your cosmic creatrix energy, holy heart purity & youthful eternal beauty
  • Honor your multi-dimensional empathic souls sensitivities to always trust & embody crystal clear clarity in all galaxies & realities

If You Are Always Healing, Giving & Caring For Others, This Program Will Help You: 

  • Take Better Care Of Your Inner Child, Become More Playful & Feel More Peaceful
  • Prevent Eventual Burn-Out As A Caretaker, Caregiver & Enabler
  • Create A Morning Ritual To Awaken Your Galactic Gifts, Creativity & 5D Telepathy
  • Feel Lighter, Brighter & Freer To Worship, Nurture & Care For Your Own Healthy Body
  • Become Your Own Wise Woman Alchemical Healer, Magician & Shape Shifting Transformer
  • Trust Inter-Dimensional Messages You Receive In Day Time, Night Time & In Dream 
  • Create A Daily Meditation Practice Centered In Presence, Stillness, Emptiness & Mindfulness 
  • Heal Patriarchal Wounding & Energy Leaking With The Backing & Blessing From Ancient Egyptian, Sirian & Atlantean Ancestral Goddess Mothers
  • Gain Access To Your Inner Creatrix Pharmacy To Design Self-Healing Prescriptions & Crystal Clear Visions

In This Ancient Egyptian Self-Healing Program, You Will Meet & Merge With The First Female Doctors & Divine Intervention Healing Team To Soften, Soothe & Sweeten Empathically Absorbed Toxins & Poisons Into Life Saving, Energizing & Revitalizing Fierce & Fearless New Earth Medicine.

If You Deeply Resonate With Goddess Isis & Ancient Egyptian History From Your Akashic Records Shambhalla Earth Star Libraries.

This Is A Rare Opportunity To Heal Lifetimes In The Giza Pyramids To Graduate From Earth School & Work Again With Temple Medicine In Daily Priestess Ceremonial Rituals To Re-Birth, Resurrect & Empower You!

This Download Includes:

Class #1

Attuned To The Shamanic Priestess Lioness Sekhmets Divine Feminine Empowering Spell Making Incantation Session:

In this divine feminine empowerment medicine intervention, you will be attuned to fiery red lioness & cobra kundalini creatrix spiritual surgery to keep you safe from negative energies, unwanted entities & less than kind frequencies that drain, deplete & That Disempower Your Natural Capacity & Ability To Heal Yourself Free Of Foreign Pathogens, Pollutants & Pandemic Dis-Ease.

As you enter Sekhmets Solar Shakti Temple, she will banish symptoms of hormonal imbalance, impatience & early soul loss & gift you with Anks & Amulets Blessed With Lyran Light Codes Of Bravery, Courage & Tenacity That Are Strong Enough To Defeat Your Inner Demons. As Your Own Worst Energy as she prays over you & over-lights you with Lyran Light Codes composed of courage, positivity & royal energy to defeat your own inner demons & to never doubt your own powers, mastery & potency with her spells, sigils, symbols & scepters that restore your Ma'at balance, justice & most authentic true purpose.

Class #2

Attuned To High Priestess Divine Feminine Courageous Cat Medicine With Goddess Bastets Egyptian Star Medicine Session Here:

In this 2 1/2 hour sacred trance healing journey you will be attuned to Goddess Bastet's anointing perfumed aromatherapeutic feminine moon medicine made of love, fertility, sensuality, and music. Her name translates as "Female of the Ointment jar," and she is the creator of perfumes and oils. Bast is the mother of cats and the magical power they contain. As protector of women and children, she is the guardian of the household and the bringer of health and prosperity.

Here you will receive the feline spirit of Fierce & Fearless Sirian & Lyran Star Medicine as she bathes & blessed you with relaxing yet energizing rejuvenation blends, talismans, elixirs & fertility reproductive medicine to awaken your imagination & extrasensory perceptions with focused planning, envisioning & crystal clear intuition.

Class #3

Attuned To The Divine Feminine  Ancient Egyptian Miraculous Medicine Of Merit-Ptah & Pesehet In This Divine Doctoring Spiritual Surgery Energy Session Here:

You Will Meet, Merge & Receive Mantras, Yantras, Mandalas, Amulets & Talismans from the first female royal chief physicians, scientists, herbalists, kings Mothers & lady overseers in the field of Kermetic Life Saving Energy Medicine,

In This 2 1/2 Hour Divine Detoxification Purification Intervention Session, You Will Meet & Merge With Queen Hatshepsut, Nefertiti, Cleopatra who were considered to be the first female pharaohs & skilled physicians who were powerful rulers in ancient Egyptian old kingdoms & were trained to heal all forms of physical illness & soul sickness with magic spells, rites & incantations to banish burdens, sorrows & dis-eases using supernatural forces recorded & documented all the way back to the Hebrew Bible. 

Here you can experience divine feminine soul retrieval surgery from the first female midwives, birthers & doulas with no need for toxic chemicals or anesthesia & who even made house calls in cases of life threatening emergencies.

This package includes:

  • Three 2 1/2 Hour Ancient Egyptian Divine Feminine Medicine Healing Sessions as MP4 and MP3
  • 27 Printable PDF Instruction Manuals
  • Unlimited Email Support
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