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Vandana Light Healing

Ancient Egyptian Divine Feminine Magical Alchemical Medicine

Ancient Egyptian Divine Feminine Magical Alchemical Medicine

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I'm Super Excited To Invite You To A Sacred Ceremonial Ritual Hosted By The First Female Temple Magicians Who Desire To Empower, Awaken & Enlighten You With Ancient Egyptian Priestess Medicine!

In This Divination Intervention, You Will Be Able To Finally Trust Your Gifts, Honor Your Feelings & Express Your Hidden Healing Abilities Under The Light Of The Full Moons Cancerian Energies Fully Backed, Blessed & Supported By Your Female Relations, Medicine Women Ancestors & Galactic Grandmothers Who Long To Connect With You Because They Love & Adore You.

When You Say YES, You Will Be Guided, Guarded & Protected By The Gatekeepers Of Shape Shifting Alchemy To Be Fully Trained & Awakened As Temple Priestess In The House Of Life, Egyptian Pyramids & Magical Mansions Of Light, Knowledge, Power & Highly Advanced Inter-Dimensional Cosmic Creatrix Consciousness.

You Deserve To Re-Remember How To Magically Manifest Loving Relationships, Abundant Growth & Well Deserved Prosperity When Your Soul Is Willing To Retrieve Your Personal Power Tools, Life Affirming Mantras, Charged Amulets & Powerfully Imbued Magic Spells From Your Long Forgotten Female Lineage Of Therapists, Herbalists & Ancestral Alchemists from the ancient Egyptian medical Papyruses who practiced the art of divination magic & healing energy medicine before you.

In This Manifestation Intervention Divination Transmission, Your 5th Spirit Eyes, Pineal Gland, Clairvoyant Gifts & Intuitive Mediumship Mastery Will Be Opened & Awakened  With Celestial & Fertile Shambhalla Shakti Star Energy To Uncoil Your Kundalini & Manifest Miraculous Change With The Ancient Secret Recipes Written In The Walls, Caves & Royal Palace Libraries That Can Only Be Filled In The Hollow Earths Agarthan Subterranean Sanctuaries That Contain The Codes, Antidotes, Antibodies & Remedies To Re-Write Your Soul Records, Histories & Biographies With A Greater Sense Of Authenticity & 5D New Earth Mastery!

It is an honor to invite you to journey with me, spend quality time with your royal family & request healing blessings from the first female pioneering doctors Merit-Ptah, Peseshet, Queen Hatshepsut & Cleopatra The 7th as well as your soul groups of female pharaohs, physicians & powerful rulers in the ancient Egyptian old kingdoms who are happy to train you to heal empathically inherited spiritual illnesses & pandemically absorbed soul sicknesses with incantations, spells, sigils & rituals using benevolent supernatural forces to banish less than kind entities so you can walk with loving, kind & helpful mothering guardians who kindly & compassionately watch over you, over-light you & protect you.

Join me & the High Priestess Isis, The Lioness Goddess Sekhmet & The Fierce Feline Goddess Bastet In The "Mansions Of Manifestation" Shape Shifting Temple Rooms Where You Will Be Treated With Intuitive & Intelligent Etheric Acupuncture, InfraRed Wound Healing Therapy & Ultra Violet Laser Light Surgery Where You Will Be Attuned To The 8th Ruby Ray Of Multidimensional Medicine BuddhasTo Transmute Your Painful Poisons Into Pleasurable 5D Medicine Surrounded By Life Giving Ankhs,  Sekhmet Scepters & Your Sacred Souls Prayerful Amulets Written In Ancient Hieroglyphics & Divinely Inscribed With TimelessTinctures, Lotus Flower Elixirs & Packets Of Star Encoded Light Medicine From The Heart Of Your Divine DNA's Apothecary.

Come Play With Me In This Celebration & Dedication To Your Unshakeable Strength, Courage & Commitment Written, Inscribed & Sealed In Your Crown Chakras Merkabas Stars In A New 2021 Golden Autobiography That You Can Personally Write, Create & Author To Come Out Of Hiding & Finally Contribute Your Magic, Goodness, Beauty & Purity To Be Granted The Right To Speak Out, Rise Up & Re-Write Your Ancient Ancestral Feminine Mastery History In The Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarius.

Live Class Replay - 167 minutes - MP4 and MP3 - 12 Printable Documents

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