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Vandana Light Healing

Ancestral Abundance Activation MP4 Video Version

Ancestral Abundance Activation MP4 Video Version

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It is up to us to turn & face the flames of ancestral dysfunction, toxic patterns & family trauma.

You do not need to take on, carry, store or repeat their patterns or burdens in your living & breathing vessel of light!

There is a better way to transmute inherited energies & cellular memories so you don't pass trauma, fear & stress onto your children & descendants.

The toxic patterns of lack, not enough & family fear end with us!

Instead of repeating the past, we can re-create ourselves & tap into ancestral guidance, assistance & blessings from our maternal & paternal bloodline that is inherently a part of us.

We all have wise, loving & kind ancestors who truly have our back!

Our ancient guides, teachers & loved ones know the secrets of how to heal & repair your unwell & troubled ancestors so that we don't have to.

So even if you never knew your people, your tribe or your roots, your ancestors can show you how you can embody new earth abundance.

When you honor the tribe you come from, your burdens decrease & your blessings increase 7 generations back & forward in all of your timelines where you & your family co-exist.

Join Vandana in the Quantum Field of Ancestral Abundance on to Learn How You Can Heal Your Bloodline, Receive Their Blessings & Call in Your Abundant Ancestral Guide to End Cycles of Poverty & Create 5D Prosperity with Authenticity, Clarity & Integrity!

You've Got This!!!

Meet Your Healthy, Wealthy & Holy Ancestors!

Be Over-Lit & Welcomed By The Ancestral Realms!

93 minutes
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