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Vandana Light Healing

Accelerated Pain Healing MP3

Accelerated Pain Healing MP3

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Have you been experiencing chronic pain for far too long?

When you visit the doctor, does he or she tell you it's all in your head and there's nothing wrong with you?

Well, this can actually be true if we hold negative thoughts, beliefs & attitudes about the nature of this reality that create internal conflict, chaos & confusion in our bodies.

Much of the time we leak our energy, we feel drained, depleted & exhausted just absorbing toxic energies from people, places or situations that are not serving our highest good and not contributing to the expansion of our lives in this reality.

Our bodies are infinitely aware & conscious of everyone & everything around us & are always sending us messages and signs that we don’t always pay attention to.

When we tune in & listen to its wisdom, we get to speak to all of our body parts & ask for clarity and to be shown what needs to change so we can enjoy living in our bodies (not our busy brains) all the time!

So when was the last time you communicated with the eternal & ancient wisdom of your body?

On this call, we’ll be re-visiting the origin of the trauma that created your pain & unlock the energetic blockages held in your tissues & systems. Once you become aware & allow yourself to feel those buried feelings & unresolved emotional content, you can release the dis-ease & dis-harmony to the vastness of infinite consciousness just by embodying the energies of ease, grace & flow.

Join Vandana to receive powerful clearings to transmute pain, stress & trauma into peace, joy & harmony. Your birthright is to experience vitality, infinite energy flows & radiant health. Once you choose to consciously release all the debris & clutter you’ve been storing in your luminous light body, you can raise your vibration higher than you ever dreamed possible for you & your ancestors.

By the end of this telecall, you will feel like yourself again, whole, energized, vitalized & complete!

Are you ready to get unstuck and move forward, re-design your destiny & reset your entire reality now?

If you're tired of being sick & tired, then this is the perfect class to claim your perfect health again...your natural state of being. :)

Vibrate from the state of self-love, peace, joy & gratitude as everything is truly a gift & a blessing no matter how you judge it.

You have the power to change anything that limits the quality of your life.

Receive a powerful self-love & gratitude healing attunement with powerful symbols, colors & sounds from the accelerated light healing beings who are always available to accelerate your health & well-being.

All you have to do is lie back & receive!

81 minutes

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