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Vandana Light Healing

Accelerated Light Galactic Healing Practitioner Program - Level 2

Accelerated Light Galactic Healing Practitioner Program - Level 2

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Become An Accelerated Light Galactic Energy Healing Practitioner, Paradigm Shifter & Ascension Awakener In This 6 Week Cosmic Curriculum For Spiritual Light Workers, Healing Practitioners & New Paradigm Co-Creators.

Drop 3D Fight & Flight & Learn How To Navigate The Ascension Dimension Vibration So You Can See, Sense & Trust You Belong Here & It Is Finally Safe To Thrive Here.

This Is A Golden Opportunity To Transmit & Receive Advanced Arcturian Healing Keys, Christed Cosmic Codes, Galactic Solar Energy & Vibrational Soul Remedies To Share Your Gifts, Be Of Service & Heal The Hearts Of Humanity As A New Earth Lamp Lighter, Light Worker & Gatekeeper Of The Golden Gaia Vibration & Planetary Prosperity.

This 6 Week Galactivation Program Offers The Updates, Upgrades & Re-Sets To Ease Into Your True Soul Role & True Identity As A Guide, Leader, Teacher & Mentor.

In This Safe Space, You Will Learn New Tools, Processes & Exercises To Heal & Recover From Physical, Psychological & Emotional Soul Trauma With Divine Doctors, Spirit Surgeons, Star Shamans, Galactic Kachinas & Timeline Transformers In Cosmic Womb Re-Birthing Rooms In The Great White Lodge & Inner Realms Of Shambhala. 

This Accelerated Light Galactivation Program Fine Tunes Your Earth Frequency With Diamond, Crystal & Star Sapphire Energy In Soul Spa Sanctuaries In Holy Galaxies & Peaceful Realities Outside Of Time & Space.

Each 2 Hour Class Includes Guided Meditative Journeys To Teleport Through The Arcturian Stargates To Access Holy Healing Temples, Crystal Lakes & Pyramids Of Light That Are Not Available On Planet Earth.

Your Celestial Medical Journeys Activate & Awaken Your Natural Ability To Heal Itself & Receive Specific Instructions From Your Soul Assigned Team Of Star Teachers, Spirit Guides & Galactic Guardians So You Can Ease Into Your True Identity In This Rapidly Evolving & Exciting Ascension Timeline. 

Each Class Builds On The Energies Of The Class Before To Attune You To Arcturian, Pleidean, Sirian & Lyran Luminous Light To Calm, Soothe & De-Adrenalize Your Overwhelmed Emotional Nervous System. The Benevolent, Kind & Compassionate Star Beings Nurse You Back To Heal To Rest, Relax & Digest All You've Been Through & Exposed To In Toxic Troubled Trauma Timelines That Created Symptoms Of Depression, Depletion, Desperation & Exhaustion.

This Course Is Designed To Energize, Enlighten & Empower You With Ancient Alchemical Tools, Arcturian Healing Processes & Etheric Acupuncture Sessions To Purify & Detoxify You From 3D Density, Intensity & Debris Stored In Your Limbic Brain, Meridians & Dantien. 

If You Identify As A Starseed, Empath Or Highly Sensitive Soul, You Will Learn & Practice How To Shimmer & Strengthen Your Aura, Call In Your Team, Stop Leaking Your Energy & Restore Your Vitality To Heal Soul Loss, Childhood Trauma, Karmic Knots & Ancestral Trauma.

This Magical, Transformational & Alchemical Journey Attunes & Entrains You To Feel Safe Being Seen, Elevate your frequency & Activate Your Luminous Light Body To Embody Ascension Mastery In All Timelines, Galaxies & Realities Where Your Multi-Dimensional Soul Exists.

Your Accelerated Light Galactic Healing Certification Training Program Level 2 Includes:

MODULE #1: Divine Soul Re-Union With Dr. Lorphan & New Members Of Your Galactic Intervention Team In The Arcturian Crystal Ascension Temple

In module #1, you will experience:

- Galactic Healing Attunements From Your Golden Galactic Guardians, The Lyrans, Antarians, Blue Avians & Essananis Benevolent ET Beings 

- Frequency Upgrades & DNA Updates For Rainbow Body Ascension Integration From Platinum Angels, Star Elders & Sirian Shamans 

- Ascension Chakra Activations & Diamond Light Illuminations To Heal & Repair Your Ancestral Genetics, Galactic Genomes & Inherited Cellular Trauma 

MODULE #2: Cosmic Soul Retrieval With The Arcturian Platinum Shield, Neural Net, Divine Dream Catchers & Galactic Kachinas

In module #2, you will experience: 

– Cosmic Soul Retrieval To Extract Core Fear & Restore Your Personal Powers, Galactic Gifts & Lost Light Language

– The Divine Dream Catcher Protection Activation To Sweep Out & Cast Away Nightmares, Unwelcome Energies & Astral Entities

– Galactic Arcturian Central Sun Infusion For Heart Polishing, Cellular Clearings, Chakra Bathing & Sealing Energy Leaks & Soul Loss

MODULE #3: Opening Of The 5th Eyes Celestial Ceremonial Ritual For 5D Soul Travel Telepathy With The 3 MS (Metatron, Mahatma & Melchizedek)

In module #3, you will experience:    

– Platinum Ray Pulsation Activation To Sweep Away Mental Confusion, 3D Illusion & The Myth Of Limbic Limitation

– Spirit Surgery By Divine Ophthalmologists & 5th Eye Activators To Awaken To Crystal Clear Clarity, Magical Mastery & Cosmic Clear Vision

– Laser Light & Diamond Dust To Dissolve Human Veils, Seals, Armor, Masks & Blind Spots That Block Your Highest Visions, Intuition & Creative Imagination

MODULE #4: Platinum Pulsing, Shimmering & Recalibrating In The Arcturian Healing Chambers With Soul Psychologists Vyamus, Lord Kuthumi & Sananda

In module #4, you will experience: 

– Cellular Recalibration & Light Body Regeneration Purification To Repair Telemores, Cells & Mitochondria

– Arcturian Temple Healing Chamber Restoration Purification Ritual For Beautification, Divine Human Transmutation & Re-Youthing

– Crystal Lake Chakra Baths, Float Tanks & Light Soaks In The Infra-Red Rejuvenation Rainbow Room To Awaken Your New Human Nervous System

MODULE #5 - Arcturian Symbology, Crystal Geometries & Advanced Healing Technologies

In module # 5, you will experience:

– Acceleration Ascension Activators For Ascension Elevation, Soul Expansion, Manifestation Mastery Star Medicine Prosperity

– 9D Arcturian Sacred Geometries, Mantras, Mandalas & Miracle Codes To Unlock 3D Density, Duality & Debris

– Pulsing, Shimmering & Strengthening Your Auric Field To Release Less Than Kind Earth & Astral Entities  

MODULE #6 - Divine Doctoring For Grounding, Integration & Stabilization Of New Earth Energies

In module # 6, you will experience:

– Etheric Acupuncture, Acupressure & Golden Hands Healing Techniques To Illuminate & Activate Your Mayavarupa Light Body

– Advanced Arcturian Diamond Light Infusion Technologies For Clearing, Protection & Polishing Your Heart Light & Soul Shine

– Access To The Arcturian Healing Hospitals, Mystery Schools & Multi-Dimensional Medical Centers To Heal Yourself, Loved Ones & The Heart Of Humanity


Remember on a soul level, the way you think, feel & treat your body didn't start with you but with your galactic ancestors, star elders & the forgotten ones from the galactic sun, the inner earth & your ancestral soul home.

99.999% of your human beliefs are learned, mirrored & inter-generationally inherited, projected & passed on to your born or unborn descendants but the good news is that as a divine human & embodied spirit, you are contracted, directed & protected with free will & conscious choice to be:

 Untouched By Inter-Generational Pain, Family Fear & Shadow Shame

  • Unburdened From Old Earth Heaviness, Density & Disempowerment
  • Empowered & Inspired To Help, Heal & Improve Your Health & Well-Being
  • Happy, Holy & Healthy As The Bright Star You Inherently Are
  • Free Of Toxic Energy, False Identities & Inherited Insecurities
  • Your Own Bodies Spirit Guide, Guardian & Caretaker

 When Core Fear Programs Are No Longer Part Of Your Every Day Reality, You Can Live In Peace, Fall In Love & Flow With Grace As Your Natural State Of Wholeness, Holy-Ness & Well-Being.

Although You Have Human DNA, You Also Are Composed Of Divine DNA & Can Easily & Effortlessly Connect With Your Siddhi Powers, Cosmic Clairvoyance & Avatar Abilities In Off Planet Ashrams, Soul Sanctuaries & Mystery Schools To Reveal Concealed Knowledge, Light Codes & Crystal Geometries Long Forgotten From The Stars.

The Field Of Epigenetics Shows Us That Your Divine DNA Contains Your Bloodlines Blessings: 

  • Creativity & Spirituality
  • Special Gifts & Magical Abilities
  • Strengths & Resiliency
  • Resourcefulness & Adaptability
  • Survival Skill Set
  • Flexibility & Fluidity
  • Empathy, Creativity & Sensitivity

 Your Divine Dream Team & Soul Specialists Know You, Love You & Watch Over You From The Inner Planes & Subtle Realms Of Medical Mastery,  Miraculous Healing & Accelerated Soul Recovery.

Learn How & Practice Being A Cosmic Witness, Watcher & Observer From A Higher Perspective To: 

  • Detach From Frozen Fear, Stress & Toxic Shame From Your Cells, Bones & Muscle Memories
  • Own Your Hidden Psychic Gifts & Spot On Telepathy To  Navigate Your Changing Reality
  • Become A Conscious & Clear Channel & Medium For Divine Intervention & Soul Protection
  • Re-Mother & Re-Father Your Christed Magical Childs Special Gifts & Suppressed Sensitivities
  • Practice Daily Radical Forgiveness To Make Peace Your Child & Adult Soul Selves
  • Re-establish Safe & Healthy Boundaries At Work, At Home & In Your Community
  • Re-set your bodies, field & frequency to expand into flow, space & grace

You Will Receive 6 Galactic Healing Attunements Which Include:

How To Telepathically Transmit Etheric Acupuncture & Energetic Acupressure Treatments

  • Cosmic Clearings, Creations & Re-Sets For Mind/Body Toxicity To Align With Star Energy
  • Detoxification & Purification Of Negative Energies, Etheric Implants & Astral Entities
  • How To Charge & Program Divine Healing Instruments With Laser Light & Cosmic Frequencies
  • How To See, Feel, Hear & Recognize The Energy & Frequency Of Dr Lorphan & Christed Galactic Physicians
  • Quantum Healing Rituals To Clear Your Home Or Work Space With Arcturian Healing Technologies
  • Core Fear Removal & Core Love Infusion Integration To Release Others Energies & Embody Your Soul Sovereignty
  • Divine Visitations & Angelic Intervention From The Angels Of Surgery & Wound Recovery
  • Dissolve Masks, Armor & Heart Walls With Laser Light Technicians & Divine Diagnosticians
  • How To Create Your Own Holy Water With Medical Reiki & Galactic Healing Rituals
  • Step By Step Soul Empowerment Processes & Protocols To Transmit Star Energy & Miraculous Medicine Through Your Eyes, Heart & Healing Hands

This package includes:

  • Six 2 Hour Accelerated Light Galactivation Sessions (Live Recordings)
  • 73 Printable PDF Instruction Manuals To Perform Galactic Healing On Yourself & Others
  • 2 Q & A Video Replays To Vibrationally Support You
  • Arcturian Soul Journeys to Integrate & Assimilate Higher Heart Healing Frequencies
  • Unlimited Email Support To Empower Your New Earth Ascension Process
  • Private Pop-Up Facebook Community Group For Members Only
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