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Vandana Light Healing

Clearings Soul Vows

Clearings Soul Vows

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In this akashic records & soul vows clearing program, you will learn accelerated light quantum tools & inter-dimensional cosmic codes to R.I.C.H. (Release, Integrate, Clear & Harmonize) ancestral, past life & childhood vows you made in this lifetime.

This easy to use 3-step accelerated light process will help you to identify, clear old vows & re-create new vows that truly serve your highest good & greatest growth to co-create & re-birth the new earth.

Step 1 Helps You Identify & Clear Old Limiting Vows

Learn to clear these common vows & discover new ones:

- Poverty Vows
- Marriage Vows
- Celibacy Vows
- Silence & Suffering Vows
- For Ever After Vows
- Self-Sacrifice/Self-Denial Vows
- Family Loyalty Vows
- Loneliness Vows
- Fear, Fight & Flight Vows

Once you understand how these limiting vows once served you, you feel more empowered to drop false masks, be yourself & live an authentic life.

You will learn how to drop false identities & claim your true identity.

Step 2 Helps You To Create New Vows, Promises & Agreements

Learn to create new life affirming vows like these:

- Self-Love Vows
- Peace & Calm Vows
- Empowerment Vows
- Joyful Receiving Vows
- Self-Care Vows
- Self-Trust Vows
- Happiness Vows (For Ever After)

Step 3 Helps You To Re-Set Your Reality & Manifest Your Magic

Learn how to master, manifest & materialize new possibilities like:

- A New Home
- Job Promotion
- Your Own Business
- A New Life Partner
- Loving & Supportive Friends
- Radiant Health, Wealth & Wisdom
- Financial Independence
- Travel, Freedom & Adventure

And alot more blessings to come!

In this 5-week sacred soul journey you will learn how to:

- Connect With Your Spirit Guides & Soul Councils To Re-Write Ancient Vows
- Meet The Karmic Board, Ascended Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones
- Work with the Karmic Clearing Angels For Karmic Resolution
- Easily & Identify Your Vows & Your Family/Ancestors Vows
- Return the vows that never belonged to you
- Clear unconscious patterns, habits & automatic programs from the past
- Release & Resolve unresolved emotions stored in your chakras & meridians
- Consciously create new vows, promises & agreements in the eternal now
- Experience what it would look like & feel like to be happy, at peace & free
- Express your authentic soul gifts in a whole new way with ease & grace

You will learn how to R.I.C.H. (Release, Integrate, Clear, Harmonize) & (R.A.C.E. Create) (Receive, Align, Create, Expand) infinite possibilities & potentialities to Re-Set your entire new reality to one of joy, ease & grace.

The greatest gift of this sacred soul healing journey is that you can clear old world corruption codes with new world resurrection codes to re-parent & re-birth your inner child.

These solar source codes emanate from the nameless ones in the central sun & return your magic & medicine on your ascension path of 5D reality.

The accelerated light photonic light codes will allow you to embody flow, fluidity & adaptability to masterfully create:

- Infinite Abundance
- Infinite Blessings
- Infinite Connection
- Infinite Wealth
- Infinite Peace
- Infinite Love

Each class contains accelerated light akashic attunements from the akashic karmic board, ascended masters, your teachers & enlightened ancestors.

Receive empowerment clearings, code creations & re-patterning re-sets to re-write your soul destiny in sacred space with ease & grace.

Let go of old stories & become the author of your dream life!

Instructions: Listen at your own place in a quite & distraction free space. It is best to listen at least one time when you are not tired or lying down. After this initial process, you may play each track on a soft volume or on a loop to receive additional downloads & information on how to process, integrate & apply these teachings while you sleep for best results.

A PDF of the step by step easy instructions are enclosed.

5 Week Class Series - $555

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