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Vandana Light Healing

Accelerated Arcturian Abundance Activation - For Vows Of Poverty, Money Scarcity & Karmic Debt

Accelerated Arcturian Abundance Activation - For Vows Of Poverty, Money Scarcity & Karmic Debt

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I'm super excited to invite you to come play with me in liquid gold, lavish abundance & emerald green Gaia energy in the 5D frequency of planetary prosperity!

This brand NEW Golden Galactivation Trance-Mission is divinely designed to help you: 

  • Cleanse, Clear & Remove Core Fear Of Living Without Funds, Finances Or Resources
  • Unpack & Extract Cellular Memories Of Ancestral Poverty, Loss Or Betrayal
  • Unlock Chakra Blocks Where Vows Of Survival, Starvation Or Suppression Still Exist
  • Purify & Detoxify Toxic Shame, Suffering & Hiding You've Emphatically Stored In Your Womb, Hara & Dan'tien
  • Replace Ancestral Burdens With Ancestral Blessings & Become A Masterful, Magical & Multi-Dimensional Money Magnet
  • Break Poverty, Debts & Unworthiness Vows You've Inherited From Your Bloodline To Attract, Create & Embody 5D Planetary Prosperity
  • Meet & Merge With Your Highest, Wisest & Successful Soul Self To Align With Your Divine Design & New Earth Wealth Vibration
  • Receive Money Blessings, Fortunate Outcomes & New Beginnings From The Golden Galactic Ones From The Arcturian Central Suns

Your Arcturian Starship awaits to shift & uplift you beyond 3D lack, scarcity & poverty mindsets to align with 5D wealthy, healthy & holy energies & frequencies off planet & outside of time & space!

Take a break from money worries, scarcity memories & survival energies & soak up Advanced Arcturian Solar Frequencies so you can finally reclaim your energy, awaken your kundalini & embody your divine destiny as a paradigm shifter, heart awakener & multi-dimensional messenger & way shower!

You deserve to be backed, blessed & supported by your over-lighting galactic record keepers to release, remove & re-write ancient ancestral akashic contracts, vows, promises & agreements you've inherited, learned or re-created to become God Sovereign Free In A new Reality where debt, lack & disempowerment do not exist!

This 125 minutes multi-sensory, magical & alchemical transformational experience attunes you to Arcturian Codes, Golden Keys & Diamond Geometries so you can experience Advanced Healing Technology to magnify & electrify your 5D wealth vibration in higher dimensions where scarcity & poverty do not exist!

Meet Your Multi-Dimensional Money Advisors, Galactic Bookkeepers & Arcturian Ascension Advisors In The Golden Cities Of Opulence, Elegance & Masterful Magnificence so you can experience what it looks & FEELS like to truly THRIVE in Dignity, Integrity & Authenticity!

Come Play In Arcturian Abundance To See, Feel, Sense & Experience: 

  • Etheric Acupuncture to unlock money blocks, poverty vows & scarcity energy
  • Pranic wind clearings to purify & detoxify worry energy, lack & karmic scarcity
  • Cosmic axiatonal alignment to attune to new earth flora, fauna & lavish leylines
  • Cellular cleanse with THZ & FIR to melt stress & accelerate DNA repair
  • Frequency Float Upgrades In Liquid Gold, Diamond Light & Radiant Ruby Light
  • Celestial Soak In Seraphim Salve To Heal & Seal Rips, Tears & Money Leaks
  • Strengthening Your Field, Frequency & Flow In The Platinum Protection Shield
  • Core Fear Extractions, Divine Light Infusions & Transformation Transfusions

Meet your Arcturian Advisers, Spirit Bookkeepers & Galactic Accountants to receive divine instructions on how to attract, co-create & collaborate with your divine dream team to trust your intuition, receive divine inspiration & follow your dreams over the rainbow where your pot of gold awaits you!

Experience Arcturian Symbology, Cosmic Creation Codes, Golden Geometries & Advanced Technologies on your Arcturian Starship in your own celestial lotus healing pod where lack, scarcity & poverty cannot exist.

Soak In Chakra Colored Baths, Solfeggio Sounds, Miracle Tones & Star Medicine To Awaken & Activate Lavish Abundance, New Earth Prosperity & Ascension Mastery So You Do What You Love, Love What You Do, Share Your Gifts & Be Of Service With Dignity, Integrity & Heart Centered Abundant Authenticity!

Live Class Replay - 125 Minutes - MP4 Video

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