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Vandana Light Healing

Accelerated Akashic Attunement MP3

Accelerated Akashic Attunement MP3

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Take a sacred journey into the heart of the Akashic realms to open, read & access your vibrational soul archives & book of life.

Vandana takes you on a guided tour to meet & greet your akashic family of light so you can receive clear guidance on your life goals & choices.

This frequency transmission allows you to softly & slowly adjust to the Akashic atmosphere of pure peace, space, grace & deep comfort.

Your record keepers, divine director & master guides see you through the eyes of loving kindness, compassion & unconditional love.

Ask your teachers, masters and guardians of akashic light to awaken & activate your peak potential, soul gifts & multi-dimensional mastery in this timeline.

They are always available for you in the quantum realms of cosmic bliss!

Listen to this activation with headphones, lie back, relax & enjoy the journey!
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