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Vandana Light Healing

7D Healing & Galactic Clearing For Atlantean Trauma & Sirian Karma MP3

7D Healing & Galactic Clearing For Atlantean Trauma & Sirian Karma MP3

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Teleport To The Milky Way, 7th Dimension & The Great Central Sun to Heal Your Sirian & Atlantean Timelines!!!

On this Galactivation exploration, you can access ancient knowledge & soul wisdom from mystery schools in past lives when you were an adept, initiate, record keeper, oracle, scribe or guardian of sacred knowledge.

This Mirror-Dimension of Reflection, Illumination & Heightened Vibration will Help You to Up-level Your Vibrational Frequency to Heal Past Lives in Atlantis, Ancient Egypt & In The Sirian Star Systems from Galactic Lifetimes!

The 7th dimension is a calm & serene star space that surpasses the peace of our understanding!

Travel off planet to receive divine dispensations from Celestial Goddesses, Rishis & Avatar Archetypes while being enraptured by loving, soft & gentle energies where stress does not exist!

Once there, you may swim under water or remember how to fly!!!

Allow yourself to be held & nurtured in seas of bliss & dancing lights to unlock galactic guilt, 3D density & karmic debris so you may remember what it feels to be free!!!

You will meet your star guides, guardians & Solar Archangels to cleanse your cells with crystal light & liquid gold in all of your timelines, galaxies & realities!

Receive a Divine Prescription of Star Medicine to Heal Atlanean & Sirian Timelines, Retrieve Your Power Pieces & Awaken Your 5D Telepathy to Heal your Galactic Lineage & Ancestral Blood Lines.

This out of space & out of time divine light infusion awakens you to your highest soul purpose so you may remember how to ascend into the higher dimensions with divine ease & divine grace!

Explore 7D frequencies as rich, vibrant & sparkling points of light that shift & uplift you into higher realms of quantum bliss, expansive energy & cosmic creativity!!!

Open, soften, relax into what it looks & feels like to bathe in seas of glass, light intelligence & crystal geometries to ease your ascension symptoms & cleanse your cells, atoms & divine DNA!!!

Join Vandana on an off planet soul healing adventure to access creative solutions, quantum insights & divine downloads to align with your higher self, I AM Presence & Your Galactic Gifts!

Awaken & Activate Your 7D Light Mastery & Star Magic Now!!!

65 minutes

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