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Vandana Light Healing

7D Elohim Energy Healing MP4 Video

7D Elohim Energy Healing MP4 Video

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Receive Divine Intervention & Inspiration from The 7 Rays of Source Creation!

This Elohim Transmission Takes You On A Guided Journey With The Elohim Angels, the Silent Watchers & The Galactic Guardians Who Oversee & Over-Light Your Ascension Process On Planet Earth.

As You Watch & Listen To This Healing Track, You Can Unpack Galactic Karma & Soul Trauma With The Mighty Elohim Angels, Archangels & Ascended Masters.

This Sacred Visitation Teleports You To The Heart Of The Elohim Healing Retreat To Rest, Renew & Re-Birth Your Divine Light, True Self & Your Own Cosmic Creatrix.

This is your opportunity to FEEL their essence & Receive Christed Light From The Creator Angels Always Available to walk with you, speak with you, nurture you & support you on your highest soul ascension timeline that serves your highest & greatest good.

Take a cosmic journey to the Sea Of Glass As You Enjoy The Sights, Sounds & Frequencies Ease, Grace & 100% Pure Light!

This Is A Brand New Video Containing Accelerated Light Healing Images, Solfeggio Tones & Elohim Frequencies To Shift & Uplift You Into The Dimension Of Bliss.

For best results, listen with headphones to enhance your healing experience.

50 minutes - MP4 Video Version

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