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Vandana Light Healing

7 Chakras 7 Meditations 7 Days a Week MP3 Package

7 Chakras 7 Meditations 7 Days a Week MP3 Package

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I'm deeply honored to share my latest soul empowerment MP3 support system to unravel stress & provide a space of respite for you to rest, digest & let go of the things in life we simply cannot control.

When you take time every day to balance your mind, body & spirit, your chakra energy centers become aligned with the divine so you can trust you're always on the right path.

Listen to each audio track from sunrise to sunset even in dream time! The R.I.C.H. & R.A.C.E.Cosmic Clearing & Creation Codes make it easier to release cellular trauma, stress, & fear based programming so you can rise above 3D collective fear, density & lower vibrational realities.

These 7 sacred & restorative meditative healing journeys are designed to soothe, support & resource you to align with your divine spark, quiet  your mind, relax your body & re-set your nervous system to help you become a balanced, resilient & emotionally intelligent being.

You may listen to each track first thing in the morning or before bedtime to align, awaken, activate & re-birth the 7 chakras of your inner living light Goddess.

This Chakra Cleansing, Purification & Detoxification Series Includes The Following  7 Meditative Journeys:








Start Your 7 Day Chakra Activation Journey Today!


7 MP3s - 7 Days A Week

(100 Minutes Playtime)

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