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Vandana Light Healing - Divine Light Healing MP3s

7 Chakra Detox Series

7 Chakra Detox Series

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I’ve created this bundle of chakra clearing, balancing & energizing attunements to help you instantly identify & send loving energy to the parts of you hurting, contracting & hiding in any or all of your 7 physical chakra energy centers.

Listen to each journey to release heavy energy and fill every chakra, cell & muscle in your body with universal life force energy so you can connect, communicate & receive new cosmic updates, upgrades, downloads & re-sets from your soul star, stellar gateway & galactic chakras in the higher dimensions, star systems & constellations to help you ascend into a homo-luminous-light being.

Watch & listen at your own pace from the comfort of home or when you’re on the go as your daily meditation to receive divine guidance, insights & assistance from your star tribes & ascended masters to over-light you with all the information you will need to evolve into a divine new human.

You can listen in order from “the ground floor up” by starting your journey by emptying out energetic heaviness in your “chakra basement” and work your up up to your crown chakra to establish a secure, stable & grounded strong foundation to Gaia, Pachamama & the benevolent & kind elemental earth kingdom.

This Chakra Detox Collection includes the following Chakra Clearing sessions: 

  • Root Chakra Detox
  • Sacral Chakra Detox
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Detox
  • Emerald Heart Chakra Detox
  • Throat Chakra Detox
  • Third Eye Chakra Detox
  • Crown Chakra Detox

This bundle includes 15 hours of play time and 46 transcripts.

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