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Vandana Light Healing

5D Spirit Doctor Team Channeling Program

5D Spirit Doctor Team Channeling Program

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If you’ve always wanted to channel the presence of spirit guides, guardian angels & light beings who are always available to serve & support you, then this program is perfect for you.

This 2 part program teaches you how to treat the root of your pain, stress or mind/body imbalance by making contact with spirit world & working with cosmic physicians in higher dimensions who offer hope, comfort & soul support off planet.

This course and each lesson contain instructions on how to scan your body for toxins and impurities, how to talk to your organs & listen to their wisdom in a two-way conversation, bathe your chakras & energy field in 100% galactic light & how to deeply relax & sense the diving presence of spirit surgeons & soul shamans who treat the spiritual & emotional root of painful symptoms for deep healing transformation.

You’ll receive prayers, affirmations, tools, charts that clearly identify where your body stores trapped emotions & how to release & embrace passed on pain you took on & carry for you & your ancestors.

This spirit doctor channeling program makes it easier to own your intuitive gifts, enhance your psychic abilities which come naturally & return negative energy imprints & attachments to diminish fear, pain & stress & experience what it looks & feels like to embody joy & suffer less.

When you order this program, you’ll receive the video, audio & class transcripts to invite your personal spirit doctor team to work with you, treat your symptoms & return heavy layers of chakra sludge & energetic debris that don’t belong to you day or night so you never have to feel unsafe or alone on your journey to mind/body/spirit total well-being & recovery.

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