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Vandana Light Healing

5D Golden Gaia Gateway Vibrational Activation

5D Golden Gaia Gateway Vibrational Activation

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Greetings Gaia Chakra Earth Goddess,

I've Created This Class To Help You Balance Your Lower Chakras, Ground On Mother Gaia & Anchor The Ascension Light Into Your Body, Soul & The Soul Body Of Pachamama!

Listen To This Transmission In Small Sections To Unravel lKarmic Knots, Unpack Legacy Burdens & Break Free Of Loyalty Vows You’ve Inherited From Traumatized Ancestors & The Collective So You Can Plug Into The New Terra Hertz Resonance & The Golden 5D Prosperity Frequency!

The Gaia Gateway Hidden Earth Helps You If You Often Feel:

  • Tired, Stuck, Sluggish & Cut Off From New Earth Abundance
  • Lonely, Drained & Miss Your Leumerian Light Family
  • Your Kundalini Sensuality & Divine Femininity Has Shutdown
  • You Avoid Outdoor Activities & Don't Feel Safe In Nature

Clearing Your Gaia Gateway Chakra Grants You Full Access To:

  • Ushering In The Return Of The Christed Divine Feminine
  • Re-Write Your First Earth Soul Records & Contracts
  • Taking Your Priestess Power Parts Back
  • Protection From Lower Vibrational Entities

When Your Gaia Gateway Chakra Connection Activates, You Can:

  • Recover From 3D Poverty In The Jade Temple Of Emeralds, Jade & Green Plant Energy
  • Slow Down Or Speed Up The Spin Of Your Chakras To Balance Your Lower Chakras
  • Heal Hypersensitivity To Earth Changes, Geopathic & Empathic Electromagnetic Stress
  • Reparent Your Inner Child With Nature Spirits In The Crystal Earth Of Telos, Agartha & Shambhalla

Experience The Joy, Bliss & Grace Of  Being Born Again In The Womb Of Divine Feminine Creation!

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