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Vandana Light Healing

3rd Eye Spirit Sight Bundle

3rd Eye Spirit Sight Bundle

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This 3rd Eye Ajna Chakra Activation Collection Contains 10 Activations To Strengthen & Awaken Your ESP, Connect With Your Higher Self & Communicate With Your Spirit Team To Support, Comfort & Protect You.

Your Divination Tool Kit Includes The Following Psychic Chakra Activations:

  1. Bindu Moon Chakra Intuition Activation
  2. Soma Chakra Bliss, Joy & Ecstasy Activation
  3. Galactic 5D Eye Chakra Illumination
  4. Mouth Of God Chakra Attunement
  5. Star DNA Galactivation
  6. Clearing Contracts To Hide Your Psychic Gifts
  7. 3rd Eye Owl Medicine Cleanse
  8. Star Mother – Earth Mother – Soul Retrieval
  9. Opening Your 3rd, 4th & 5th Dimensional Spirit Vision
  10. Cosmic Clairvoyance Inter-Galactic Attunement

This psychic chakra bundle contains over 20 hours of training, chakra block clearings, divination practices, visualization processes & 3rd eye activations to awaken your 5D telepathy!

Watch or listen to each healing track before bedtime for best results in small sections or all in one sitting before bedtime or when you have time to rest & process after receiving each transmission.

This Powerful Collection Valued @ $399 & Is Now Available For Only $99

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