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Vandana Light Healing

Platinum Shield - For Astral Travel Soul Protection

Platinum Shield - For Astral Travel Soul Protection

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Safe Sacred Soul Travel For Empaths, Psychics & Sensitive Seers

If you've been experiencing sleep deprivation, symptoms of depression or frequent forgetfulness, your galactic dream doctors & somatic sleep specialists are available to help you fall asleep & stay asleep with magical, natural & alchemical medicine from the stars!

Lie back, lean in & recline into the Arcturian dimensions & shimmering vibrations that can help you unlock chakra blocks, clear your fear & protect you with platinum shields, merkaba stars & bless your living space with sacred sleep symbology, crystal geometries & laser light technology.

Each time you listen to the shimmering vibrations, the solfeggio sounds soothe your nervous system, cleanse your field & soothe your Neshama Troubled Soul.

Receive divine dream downloads, DNA upgrades & Cosmic Updates from Dr Lorphan, The AMAS (Arcturian Medical Assistants), Master Vyamus, Lord Kuthumi & The 3 M's (Archangel Metatron, The Mahatma & Melchizedek).

Come play in the stars & teleport to your Mothership & be divinely escorted, held & nurtured in beds of roses, star sapphires & sleep elixirs in Holy Heart Healing Chambers of Divine Rest, Respite & Recovery.

Bathe, Soak & Float In Liquid Platinum, Honey Nectar & Drops Of Ambrosia With Your Arcturian Spa Attendants In Your Very Own Arcturian Pod & Tub Of Tranquility To Cleanse, Purify & Detoxify You From Exposure To Negativity, Toxicity Or Less Than Kind Energies From Past Lives, Harsh Realities & Ancient Memories That Do Not Serve, Bless Or Support You.

De-Materialize 3D Trauma & Melt Away Imprinted Stress With FIR (Far Infra Red) Solar Technology, Magical Mandalas & Sacred Symbology in the safe & protective presence of Platinum Angels, Power Allies, Star Shamans, Ancestral Elders, Ascended Masters & Kachina Protectors to guide, guard & protect you on your inter-dimensional soul travels beyond the veil.

You will receive multiple attunements to activate your own 12 Platinum Shield to surround & protect you while your mind & body are more vulnerable to other dimensional energies & entities.

The Arcturian Processes will strengthen your boundaries, tighten your grids & bless you in shimmering bubbles, torches of light & a christed cosmic egg of life to keep you safe & well in dream time & on your galactic travels in all galaxies & realities between worlds.

Awaken to your God Sovereign Free Identity With Your Divine Dream Doctors & Soulful Sleep Specialists!

Start Sleeping, Resting & Feeling Well Now!


Live Class Replay - 120 Minutes - MP4 Video

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