• Vandana, I’m so grateful to you and the akashic records course! I’m practicing every day & just wanted to share I had a very deep experience on your last call. I’m not usually one of those people who falls asleep during energy work but on this call I do…so  this is very deep! I am always left with lingering images from the Akash and I have a book just for this and keep everything written down. Everyone feels the energy of the akashic readings after your attunements. It was so palpable how much this energy changes things so quickly. I am finding it amazing how much the inner Akashic Work is flowing into the outer world. If I need to clear something, I just RICH & RACE all over the place. It’s brilliant!! Thank you so much! I Love you.”

    ~ Al, WA

  • I wanted to say thank you for the incredible class yesterday and the personal work you did on me as the surrogate. It feels like you saved my life. I was completely clouded and disoriented and for the last 24 hours I have felt clearer and happier. I have felt more like myself then I have in a long time and ready to take the next steps on my highest path, whatever they may be. Thanks again for the Akashic Records training classes. I feel better then ever and the wisdom to trust is helping tremendously. ”

    ~ M.C.

  • I LOVE You, Vandana! You have no idea just how much your work has helped me… from incredibly deep sexual trauma in just this one lifetime. At times, I truly did not think I would survive the pain… I RICH it, and RACE it, and Reality Reset it… just trusting in my reactions to just your voice on the shows. I AM so very grateful to God, Source, Universe for you and your gifts… As I listen, I often find myself asking how you know all that you do… thank you for your investment in your self… in your gifts… truly… the work that you bring forth is unique .”

    ~ Jaishree, India

  • Dear Vandana,  I just wept on receiving my soul message from you.  I feel blessed. You are one of the chosen few and I am so grateful to you for facilitating my accelerated healing session.You have such a beautiful voice, very soft, soothing and comforting.”  

    ~ Pauline, Ireland

  • Wow Vandana, That was huge! Thank you for awakening me to my inner truth. I’m still experiencing showers of bliss and downloads day and night after receiving your activations. I’m very grateful. You are right. There is a program running that keeps holding on to expectations. It feels just one step ahead , even less. I’m confirming your soul reading that I did take boddhisattvic vows in so many lifetimes …..well, that is deleted now. I’d rather be that now on earth and enjoy the immortality of living and thriving right here on the new earth. Thank you so much”

    ~ A.W. – Berlin

  • Thank you so much for such a powerful and sincere activation into our soul records, It answered why I have experienced so much negative energy throughout this lifetime. I have another tool that can assist me in living out my soul purpose. Thanks for everything.”


  • Thank you, Vandana for the journey. I did go very deep and had some sacred geometry float through me and released some intense vibration that had been in my body all day today. I’m much lighter now. Many blessings to you.”


  • Thank you for the Akashic Realms Class. It was an awesome event, perfect for brand-new beginners and experienced shamanic journeyers. Vandana is such a warm and engaging teacher.  And the journey she took us on — not only gorgeous for me personally (the visions and messages I received) but simply gorgeous, period. Like poetry and music. Right after the journey I felt refreshed and lighter, noticeably different from the heavy tired feeling I arrived with.  In the 5 days since the gathering, I have been significantly moving forward in my life — and my life itself has been moving — including manifesting a nice new job, a potential apartment share in a great neighborhood, and getting set up to attend a mastery program I deeply desire. I appreciate how Vandana incorporates Accelerated Light Healing (which I love) with shamanism and a focus on contributing to ascending consciousness and what is needed now. Very motivating as well as clearing. Thank you Vandana from my heart. Can’t wait for the next healing journey with you.”

    ~ Justine R,  Brooklyn, NY

  • After my session with Vandana, I was deeply moved. Her love and kindness transported me to a place where I could feel truth love, compassion and peace. Also, my heart and soul became one with me and this is the Comunión I have been looking for. Even though it was in that session, thanks to Vandana, for I now know how it feels and that it is possible. So many tears came out of joy and happiness!!! Thank you for your love and light. Lots of gratitude.”  

    ~ Linda Saldana

  • My sessions with Vandana have been a true blessing. Since starting listening to her MP3s then experiencing her magic in person, I’ve felt more at home in my body, calmer, and more a master of my own world and creation. Codependent tendencies have been melting away and doors of career opportunity began to open that I was able to more confidently navigate through. Vandana’s gifts are extremely unique and rare. She is a true Soul Sistar, as she would say, who I know has my back. I trust her with my most vulnerable parts, have never felt judged, only supported and loved. Thank you Vandana for continuing to share your gifts with the world and bringing a sense of miracles and possibilities back to our lives!”

    ~ Kaliah

  • Vandana’s energy, heart and soul is pure love. She has the ability to touch your true inner self and help you to release all that does not serve you in your highest good. So blessed to have found her. My life is transformed. Thank you Vandana.

    ~ Janet Hrboka

  • Vandana’s awareness is cosmic and other worldly for sure! I feel like sparkles of star dust activate my energy after talking with her. Truly unique! In a delightfully, soft way! Thanks for your magic Vandana!”  

     ~ Ariadne Sassifrass

  • Meryl is awesome! I’ve known her many years through the healing community. Love her sweet beautiful divine energy. Received a healing session from her that was really sweet and beautiful. Very relaxing. Her intention for healing is very apparent in all she does. Meryl is a pleasure to know, very helpful and very much appreciated.”  

     ~ WeAreOneBeing

  • Meryl is absolutely one the most gifted healers and teachers I’ve ever know. She is multi – talented and has honed her skills in many modalities and traditions under some the best teachers on the planet. In my book she’s world class!”   

    ~ Geordie Numata

  • Love Meryl’s clarity, awesome energy and transformational clearings, a true Light Being indeed! She is a real catalyst for change!”   

    ~ Raji Raaman

  • Meryl, your teleclasses are amazing! I love the healing space that you always create and the activations are just off the charts!”   

    ~ Montana Vera Guillen

  • I magically met Meryl through following the thread of access consciousness tools and teachings. I was drawn to Meryl’s uniqueness, grounded ness and ability to sense energy and help others connect with their true nature of being ness. The topics she covers on her telecalls are so applicable to me and I always feel lighter, more clear and a part of a great community of unique and like-minded individuals during the calls. Meryl is a huge contribution to shifting our planets level of consciousness and awareness through teaching tools to clear old patterns, beliefs, false projections we bought as real. Meryl is a vibrant gemstone that radiates beauty, joy, and inspiration to be who you were truly meant to be. Thanks Meryl for opening your heart and sharing your gifts with me and so many other fortunate beings. Blessing, gratitude and love to you.”   

    ~ Stacy Cicola

  • I recently received a RICH healing activation from Meryl and it was mind blowing! I felt a real mind-shift, as if my brain was clicked into balance. I sensed a letting go of my barriers and body armor. I now feel ready to take action on a path that I was confused about. I highly recommend a session! Thanks Meryl.”   

    ~ Dawn Sharrocks

  • Since I had Meryl on my show , ‘The Ascension Show’, I have been using her clearing statement RICH. I am a new disc jockey with not much equipment (like none) and no extensive library but since using her statement I have received an avalanche of music – like entire servers, jingles and new songs from all over the world.In fact I am so busy I could hardly stop and send Meryl this testimony. I also today found a little item that can get me started quickly with a booming sound for only $129 ( I have seen the item for $300) Thanks a million – from a grateful client and friend- oh also I am receiving random money donations-nice!!! RICH RICH RICH! -Queen RA / Blog Talk Radio Show Host – The Ascension Show!”

    ~ Queen Ra

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for the RICH session. I am so at ease with myself and life right now. I continue to say RICH thru out my day as I become aware of limiting beliefs and judgements. I am amazed at how quickly I feel light afterwards.”  

    ~ Maureen

  • I have to say that I was blown away once again by my session with Meryl. I had been feeling very irritable, energetically and emotionally drained and my WHOLE body ached all day before my session and almost didn’t do the session because all I wanted to do was sleep. Thankfully I did the session. As Meryl was working on me, emotions started coming up and my body pain actually got worse (especially my back) while she was working. It finally got to the point where I was able to tap into the pain in my body and feel the repressed emotions behind it and have a huge emotional release. It wasn’t pretty or fun and I even squirmed quite a bit with the feeling like I wanted to get out of my body. With Meryl’s nurturing support and energy work I was able to release a lot of emotional trauma to the point that by the time the session was done, my body pain was greatly reduced. Within an hour after my session, ALL of my body pain was greatly reduced by 90 percent. My back was flexible again with NO pain. WOW . what a huge shift in one session!!!”

    ~ Dean Curtis, New York

  • Meryl is an amazingly gifted heart centered facilitator of healing. In my sessions with Meryl i have felt safe and confident in her ability as a big energy and gifted healer to dive deep into the abyss only to come out renewed and alive with her caring assistance. Thank you!”   

    ~ Karla Bristow

  • I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for tonight. What an incredible, amazing call and journey! I am so blessed and grateful for the experience. My heart and Being feel so open, and I feel sort of floaty. I have to tell you. During the call – and still now – I felt where in my chakras I was blocked – even felt pain in some of them at first – but by then end I could feel my energy flowing freely. I haven’t felt such movement, in my root chakra especially, in quite awhile. I know I harbor a lot of rage and pain in there, but I feel so much more….freedom and vibration in me now. And I got into the meditation pretty deeply. I was sort of ‘out there’ for a bit, but the tingling sensation was still intense. Intense enough for me to not lose it, even if I felt I faded away into the abyss for some moments. I loved the call so much. I really can’t thank you enough. I am just so tickled with the Universe in its glory for bringing me, once again, exactly what I asked for. Healing and releasing. This holy letting go. I am feeling happy! Better than I have in some time. It’s strange since I am not used to this. But I fully intend for this place to be my norm…my default mode. So thank you again! I really am very grateful that you came into my life, as a mentor and a friend. Much love and light (which is now flowing so freely!) Your sister in the journey.”   

    ~ Milica

  • Hi Vandana, Thank you so much for our session last week. I had a couple of ropey days feeling low and irritable but after having a look at the notes at the weekend I wrote out a massive list of RICH clearings from the session and stuff that came up from it. So appropriate to my ‘reality’ …at least my reality last week! Everything you said was pure gold! I have recorded them on my phone and listened 3 or 4 times…WOW feeling good…much lighter! I listened last night just before sleep and felt a bit too buzzy to sleep! Just letting it all integrate now! Love Liz”   

    ~ Liz Temple

  • Dear Vandana, You truly are a Healing Goddess. I am thankful to you and your spirit. I hope your message gets out into the world, to bigger and broader masses. I’ve been on several calls with you and trust me when I say I have found profound relief to many old and new ailments. Your guided meditations are spontaneous and just phenomenal, they carry so much power. Everyone should have access to them. Thank you for your loving and devotional work through RICH Healing and all that you do! Asha”   

    ~ Araceli

  • Just wanted to thank you for the ancestral clearing workshop.Wow…that was quite a ride with the ancestors.I had no idea what to expect, but was guided to do this one.How amazing to wake up the next day with a cup of coffee, playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata on the piano, and crying my heart out. I could feel the purist of love through the ancestral lineage. Felt as if this was one of the reasons for my being here in the lifetime. You have been gifting so many people and I can’t thank you enough. I decided it is time to show the unseen. This is what was seen following your powerful divine detox activation. I listened to the divine detox activation several times over. I was just going through your meditation following along concentrating on your voice.This was amazing and I thank you, Vandana, from the bottom of my heart!”   

    ~ Tanya Au

  • Your Healing Activation was amazing Vandana! Today, I did something just for fun (as you suggested) after a long time and got 3 grand business inquiries. How amazing is that? Thank you! What else is possible?”   

    ~ Nimi Infinite Healing

  • Thank you so much Vandana, the timing couldn’t be better to receive these clearings. The written clearings you did for me, woweeee just reading those a few times has already shifted loads...I’m truly amazed how fast this has started working!One of the mothers at my son’s nursery school who I have always enjoyed lovely chats with and who’s similar to me in lots of ways – anyway today she asked me if I’d like to meet up with the kids and we have exchanged numbers. Thanks Vandana, how fast and cool is that??!  Tomorrow I’m going to print them out and stick them up somewhere in my flat so I can be reminded of what I actually desire to have show up in my reality.”   

    ~ Anita Baker

  • Thank you, Vananda, for your great work – I love your voice & and your warm style of formulating & laughing! I Just heard “accessing your inner shaman”… and during the weekend 4 times the sexual healing -free- call” …. love it!! I like, that you integrate angels, masters, personal guides & all the “lovely stuff” …. that makes your wording sincere to me and it feels great!”   

    ~ Christina Wozak

  • Dear Vandana, I never cease to be amazed with your beautiful work! You really are an incredible healer. You helped me come back to my core and release so much emotion that was causing me grief.Some of the discomfort still lingers but I released most of it in your amazing call. Thank you for that gift Vandana!”

      ~ Aracelli

  • Hi Vandana, I enjoyed our session so much and connecting with you want such a gift!I walked out of there not a new person…but myself in a restored energy. I felt my energy expanded on the street and people noticed. I took in the sun and had a delightful walk. I could feel the energy flow from the earth up to beyond my head. I have no trouble breathing deep into my heart and my stomach now. It really worked wonders and I released a lot of doubts that were blocking my energy.I am interested in getting trained soon!”  

     ~ Tess M

  • Hi Vandana! I have a wonderful update for you. I’ve been happier since we spoke. Things are changing for me and I’m allowing and asking for more. I’ve been seeing rainbows in many places. I am acknowledging the magic in my life and I’m filled with joyful exuberance. I’m in awe of how wonderful and exciting life can be for me. I appreciate your support. I know the universe supports me in target of becoming super conscious and creating a financial reality beyond my wildest dreams. How does it get even better than this? The audios are magnificent!”   

    ~ Maria Barajas

  • Words cannot express how thankful I am for the life changing experiences that have been happening to me since I’ve been listening to the accelerated light healing mp3’s.I’m a singer, and after listening to Vandana’s throat chakra healing activation, I have such a deeper voice, more depth and a richness to my voice that I never had before. I am singing effortlessly now. I’ve been training my voice for years, but there have been unconscious beliefs and fears that I didn’t know were blocking me from letting the fullness of my voice come out. I am completely blown away and astonished. The throat chakra healing has also allowed me to speak up. I’m being vocal now, not holding things back and that has been enormous for me. I used to hold back and I wouldn’t say what I really wanted to say in the moment. Now I am and it is highly profound. As a performer, I have become more dynamic and compelling in the moment. I am shocked by this whole new other level of talent I am discovering. I didn’t know I could be so free on stage!!! Vandana…I can’t thank you enough for all the great things these healings have brought to my life. Thank you so much!”

    ~ Susyn, New Jersey

  • Hi Vandana, Wow! I got more than I asked for when I listened to your tape on communicating with loved ones behind the veil (and I didn’t even get through the whole MP3! After listening to some of your MP3 on communicating with loved ones behind the veil, I asked my pets who have passed years ago to visit me in my dreams. Well, last night I dreamt of my first pet, a Siberia Husky, who was in my arms in the dream & eager to play with her best friend, a dog named Sheba.I saw Sheba’s face as clear as day!I just woke up from a visitation dream with my father! I never had one with him before!”

    ~ Catherine

  • Vandana, I am only about 10 min in to your “Beyond The Veil” MP3 Healing Recording and I am COMPLETELY RELEASING Tears of gratitude!You were sent by my Dad! I have been literally begging him for a hug. I am hoping! I LOVE your voice. It is so comforting to my grieving soul and so confirming! I DID feel him kiss me when the veil must have been thin or my frequency high. When he passed it was like a FLOOD to me energetically. I was having vision after vision like a freight train. This has since slowed. I saw him standing in front of a WINDOW OF LIGHT. I will never forget that LIGHT. He was watching though not entering. I knew he had not entered the light. You confirmed it was to help my mother and brother and I. My 9 year old recently dreamed of a doorway he was in front of. He has since stepped through. Thank you! I will keep you updated on the communication. I also saw that you know about the psychic clairs (sense of smell and hearing). I have these!!!! Blessings to you!”

      ~ Anhaya

  • I was so blessed out and relaxed by how you led the 12 rays class that I was already “gone” before the activation! I was out cold, probably snoring ten minutes into the activation. I don’t remember anything after the third Ray. I’m so looking forward to listening to it a second time. I just felt so out of body, so peaceful, so expanded. Highly vibrational and just pure energy. Wow! I was fascinated by your lecture and all the things you shared! Thank you for the gift and thank you to your guides.”   

    ~ Cristhian C

  • Hello there soul sister Vandana, I would like to extend a Heart felt warm gratitude to you and our circle of friends at last week Reiki Healing Circle. As a spiritual healer myself we all need some clearing out of the energy we work with or attaches to us. I am a Reiki Level 2 practitioner, Deeksha Oneness Blessing Giver and a Johrei practitioner, during our circle healing I was transformed to another dimension outside the room. I felt my body was inside a inflatable suit as you gave us Reiki and the visual meditation session. Your spirit and guides were in full effect with you in the room and the Love you had for us was immense. Only a few other times in my practice have I felt such healing energy upon me. The exercise we did on the Hand to Heart and Hand to Hand was truly a blessing for our spiritual connection. I say this because since we became friends (again, many life times) here on FB I have been trying to get into one of your healing session knowing that it was up to the Universe to see that we meet and the wait was worth it all. And as I slept that evening after our session there has not been a calmness in me in a very long time that I slept thru the night and into the early morning. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience, looking forward to another Reiki Healing Circle. I encourage those that are stuck in the spiritual journey or do not have faith in their spiritual abilities to come and take part in a session of great magnitude.”   

    ~ Ricky Rosa

  • What can I say? Accelerated Light Healing Level 1 with Vandana is/was an amazing and powerful experience. It is a heart-centered way to release limited thinking and patterns we have “perfected” over the years and instead tap into our innate ability to create and manifest our deepest dreams and desires. It is a simple and joyful process by which we can transcend our past, our fears, our limiting beliefs, and all the other obstacles we tend to hold onto. Vandana offers a method for instantly connecting with our highest selves– the Light that we truly ARE– so that we can hit the reset button and be our most powerful, creative and effective selves, with the greatest of ease. I felt so much lighter after the workshop, on every level: body, mind, being! I’m looking forward to experiencing Level 2.”

    ~ Laura D

  • I’ve been on my spiritual path actively now for over 6 years now and I’m looking for my greatest expansion for my greatest expression. With that said, I’ve come across awesome healing modalities but accelerated light healing is like the culmination of all my training. I learned it and it clicked and now I’m spreading the word in my circles. I purchased the abundance attunement by Vandana and several others but there was definite magic in this mp3. That plus all the clearings and even the abundance oil and citrine crystal I’d been using and BOOM! I received a free 4 day and 3 night stay at my timeshare in Las Vegas plus $100 gift card, my clients began to bless me with gift cards, massages, and other tokens of gratitude. Plus myself, my 9 month old and 6 year old received perfect condition hand me downs from different sources. Uhhhhhhh-mazing! I am abundantly rich in all ways ALWAYS! THANKS VANDANA! THIS IS SOOOOOO REAL!”   

    ~ Jamie G

  • Vandana offers divine tranquil sessions that clear out excess energy and relaxes one’s mind and body in a safe and sacred space of high vibrational healing. I personally feel like I am swimming in oceanic waves of empowerment, love, comfort, and sweet serenity after our time together. Vandana kindly takes your hand and swims beside you as you descend into the wondrous depths of your inner deep waters.”

      ~ Kaia Reuter

  • Hi Vandana! Blessings and so Much Love & Light to you! I just had to find you on FB right away so I could share with you how truly miraculous your Pre-birth Trauma mp3 is! I just completed it a few minutes ago. I received your pkg on You wealth revolution on April 9th and I am so excited and resonate so deeply with your work. This Pre-birth Trauma activation and clearing is truly prolific! It is such a gift to me. I have been working with the Compassion Key brought through Edward Mannix (a miraculous spiritual path, healing path and manifestation tool) for the last 6 months. Last night I was doing a Long Form technique and went to some very deep places around my relationship with my mother and uncovering all the ways I yearned and longed to connect with and be loved by her bringing out a 12 yr, 8 yr, 2 yr and in utero me. With your activation I actually got to have the wonderful experience of her love and that deep connection I longed for. I am going to revisit this mp3 and I would love to have my baby sister Marisa join me. I think the healing reverberations are profound already and I can’t wait to share more with you as more unfolds. I am also so looking forward to having our soul retrieval together. I am truly thrilled with your work! Ever since I read Carolyn Myss’s book back when it 1st came out in the 90s, I have longed to find a way to do rapid healing soul retrieval. In total earnestness, your Pre-birth Trauma healing is miraculous. I am also deeply grateful to Edward Mannix’s Compassion Key because this also crosses time and space and all dimensions bringing back, healing and integrating all wounded aspects of the soul. I believe I have won a spiritual lottery! Grace is so wonderful! I am so looking forward to becoming more versed and steeped in the RICH RACE Healing modality. Thank you for being a divine midwife as I continue to unfold in my rebirth process. So Much LOVE & LIGHT to you!”

    ~ Gabrielle Cousins

  • Hey you two amazing souls….you guys are the real thing. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for the Merkaba activation and all the other wonderful magical workshops. Light is flooding out of my eyes; the clarity is most amazing. I traveled to the stars and back. RICHing & RACEing all night long. Again, thank you. I you guys!”

    ~ Tanya Au

  • I have had several and different healing sessions with Meryl and I can say that I am blessed to have known her and her healings, I find her to be very gentle but with a strong energy that must be the angels around her. I would go to see her again.”

    ~ Zulie Rodriguez

  • I work with Angels and I have done workshops in the past with Meryl. Meryl is an extremely gifted and sensitive healer. I don’t work with many people in NYC because I have a level of integrity. This should tell you alot about what I think of Meryl! Peace, Hope and Love.”   

    ~ Catherine Outeraill

  • I met Meryl 2 years ago one of the spiritual workshops and felt immediately away connected.I experienced a RICH Healing Session and attended spiritual workshops and felt and had deeply awakening experiences working with her.I felt grounded, balanced, and happy after her sessions.She is really gifted in various aspects and she an amazing healer and leader.”   

    ~ Maneesha Ashville

  • Meryl is a gifted and dedicated woman to our business and spiritual communities. She’s a great networker and connector of people, ideas, alternative medicine and spiritual healing modalities . her commitment to these services is compassionately driven for the greater good of our benefits. Thank you Meryl!”

    ~ Alex Galvez

  • Meryl is incredibly informative and is a source of knowledge for everyone. I look forward to receiving information on seminars, workships and classes from Meryl to heighten my own personal spiritual journey in Life.”   

    ~ Daye Simpson

  • I have been to events/classes hosted by Meryl and they have been truly rewarding. She brings people together and provides so many different tools for emotional, spiritual and physical healing. She is also flexible and willing to travel distances to bring these amazing classes to your town. Meryl’s work is great gift to the community and I am looking forward to attending more of her events.”   

    ~ Dhara Drekinn