• Meryl hosts and leads wonderful workshops combining heart-felt learning with personal reflection and ceremony which synergistically create a sacred space for transformation.”

    ~ Roland Marconi

  • I met Meryl when she facilitated a crystal bowl workshop. She is efficient and totally committed to serve everyone. She’s top of the line in preparation, greeting the guests, giving the presenter exactly what they need. It’s rare to fine someone who is genuinely involved in every aspect. She’s smart, joyful in her work, tremendously knowledgeable, and 100% committed to her work and the work of others. I’ve met only a very few people who are as involved with other’s work (and making it successful) as they are to their own.”

    ~ Jessica Richman

  • Thank you Meryl for the explanation of Rainbow, Indigo & Crystal kids. My session was so profound with you, I could not get up for a few days, a real awakening! Still feeling it as well.Also,my shoulders were completely pain free for 4 days while I was at home (had not felt that for years and several attempts by other healers). Love and Light!”

    ~ Anonymous

  • Meryl is a friend of my cousin who came to visit me in Philly in the Fall of 2010. I had just gotten out of a 14 year relationship and been dumped hard by a rebound relationship. I was so devastated to the point I wanted to just give up on life. Meryl performed a smudging of me and my house (where my long term ex and I had lived for years). I had never experienced a smudging before, so I kept an open mind and let her do what she does best. After the smudging, my life turned around. The next guy I dated was amazing and is now my husband:-). I got a job offer that sold my house, relocated me, and I lived happily ever after. Did the smudge do all of that? Probably not…BUT it DID clear my mind and house of all the negative energy so I wouldn’t be bogged down to the point of not being able to move forward. And move very forward is what I did. Meryl is a wonderful, caring, & insightful soul of a woman. I truly believe in her energy and her purpose.”

    ~Holly Brunbeck

  • Meryl is a great healer. She goes out of her way for others and is extremely patient. I would definitely recommend her.”   

    ~Mary Sheenan

  • My reality has massively improved since my session with you & I feel with a few more RICH Sessions, I can be close to how I started. I felt the shift strongly and more happiness on my own.. I do feel more whole.I’m really looking forward to working with you more..eventually taking new workshops as well and feeling as great as i know i could feel if I took care of myself better!”   

    ~ Joanne Togati

  • You totally amaze me!!!! From the multitude of spiritual interest and modalities you teach and present to the beautiful high vibrating woman you are you have the whole package..nice work!!! I’m very impressed. I SO love and Appreciate you.”

    ~ Suzanne DiStefano

  • I have had a direct experience of Meryl Brinnin’s work as a healer and Reiki Master. She placed her hands on me for a few minutes and I felt great peace, power and strength. I highly recommend Meryl’s work. She is a caring, generous and lovely individual who does great work and is very gifted. Please get a session from her and you will experience this first hand.”   

    ~ Dr. Arly Fox Daly, Doctor of Energy Medicine

  • It is an honor and privilege to have Meryl come in every week and offer her precious time, dedication, and Reiki Treatments to our patients. Her loving touch and positive energy is an inspiration to all of us! Thank you for the loving kindness you have given all who come across your path!”  

     ~Aurora O’Campo, Head Nurse Complimentary Medicine Beth Israel Hospital, NYC

  • “Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the session yesterday and meeting you. You really know the stuff and are a super guide/facilitator- You are a terrific teacher.”

    ~ Donna Davis

  • Meryl Vandana has a very powerful energy and I felt clearly how she read me on so many levels. Thank you Meryl-The queen of Coney Island”   

    ~ Josa Goodlife

  • Listened to your RICH healing call last week, it was awesome!! I felt totally blissed out!”

    ~ Barbara Bustos Danese

  • Meryl is an excellent healer. Her shamanic medicine wheel I attended was fabulous as a panther had come to me during my journey; coincidentally weeks later a truck at the county park where I lived passed by on the highway behind me and I knew it was certainly quite a blessing to know I am exactly I need to be on my path. Meryl has an amazing heart and is willing to help everyone she sees and meets tremendously and I know this for a fact as she continues healing and energy work with so many people I feel truly she will play a large role in helping countless souls regain shamanic wisdom and for that I thank her. Namaste Meryl!!! Thanks once again for always being here for the community.”  

    ~ Michael W

  • Release integrate clear harmonize! Memorizing my lines for script of life Radiate activate create expand! It was nice to cry in a safe environment. I feel normal again! Bless Us!”

    ~ Ann M

  • Hello Vandana, I just like to say thank you again for my session yesterday Friday. I manifested 2 30 minute session with clients that was not expected! I will have more of those please  Hugs and blessings.”  

     ~ Rocio, Los Angeles

  • Thank you so much Vandana. I really enjoyed the call and will definitely listen to your recommendations. I started writing right after our call again…”  

    ~ Jessica Sarter, NYC

  • The Billionaire Chakra Activation Program Was Super Powerful!

    For me the very POWERFUL Billionaire chakra activation that Vandana
    facilitated with all the light beings was an integration of 10 years of
    being part of the “One Billion Rising” movement that Eve Ensler of the “Vagina Monologue’s” founded.

    Throughout the activation I was fully anchored in my body and allowed my sacred
    body to be a vessel of love and sovereignty for all the 9 Billion
    sentient beings in this beautiful planet 🌎 earth.

    When you do this activation you are consciously connecting to the
    morphogenetic field of millions of people around the world who have
    danced for sovereignty with the “Break The Chain” song part of the one
    billion rising movement.

    When I activated my billionaire chakra, I was rooting even deeper into my soul
    power to co-create the New Earth and feel greater confidence to take
    that next soul-aligned step. I am inviting you who is reading this
    testimonial to rise in joyful sovereignty.

    The time is now for us to take up our unique space here on Earth and shine our bright light in whatever way we choose.

    So come on people let’s all be billionaires in light training…. Imagine all
    the philanthropy projects that can bloom with lots of cash flow. Money
    is ready! Are you, joining us?”

    Tania La’Tei’Na’hah Susheila ✨