Collection: Holy Healing For Womb Imprints & Birth Trauma MP3 & MP4

Receive Emotional Healing & Karmic Clearing With The Mother Flame, Divine Doulas & The Goddess Of Sweet Waters!

Re-Birth Your Cosmic Creatrix To Re-Parent Your Inner Child With Divine Ease & Amazing Grace!

This Sacred Waters Light Flush Safely & Gently Cleanses, Clears & Purifies Emotional Toxins & Womb Trauma To Help You Let Go & Release Womb Imprints & Birth Trauma For You & Your Maternal Ancestors.

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Journey to your soul home & divine mother healing retreat to Sanctify & Purify Your Womb Chakra With:
  • The Violet Flame Of Transmutation
  • The Magdalene Blue Flame Of Purification
  • The Mary-Ma Ray Feminine Flow Frequency
  • The Rose Ray Love Frequency
  • Dantian Breath To Energize & Revitalize Creative Flow
  • Sophia Christed Cosmic Creatrix Codes
  • Spiritual Baptism Performed By Goddess Oshun & Yemaya
  • Gaia Earthing & Re-Birthing Process For Ease, Flow & Fluidity

Receive Cosmic Re-Birthing Codes & Resurrection Source Codes From The Sisterhoods Of Light, Divine Mother & Lady Venus To Heal & Harmonize Your Divine Feminine & Masculine True Nature!

This is your sacred opportunity to:
  • Detoxify Debris, Mucous & Congestion In Your Svadhistana (Sacral) Chakra
  • Strengthen your aura, womb chakra & personal boundaries
  • Awaken Your Sacred Sexuality, Sensuality & Creativity
  • Heal & Make Peace With Your Birth Parents To Re-Parent Your Inner Child
  • Birth Your Passion & Purpose With Courage, Clarity & Confidence
  • Safely & Gently Release Forbidden Shame & Buried Trauma You've Absorbed In The Womb
  • Flow With Holy Love & Holy Desire From Your Divine Feminine Christed Heart
  • Trust You Are Divinely Loved, Safe & Supported In Every Now Moment

Bathe in clean & pristine waters under the loving guidance of Divine Doulas, Goddess Oshun & Goddess Yemanja To Complete The Birth Process In Sweet Waters & Sacred Oceans Of Fertility, Prosperity & Divinity.

Re-Birth Your Christed Child & Cosmic Creatrix in this sacred Emotional Healing & Karmic Clearing.

Join Us to Re-Birth Your Christed Child & Cosmic Creatrix!

90 minutes