Collection: Divine Intervention Body Healing Attunement MP3 Collection

Lean back, lie down & receive a celestial light attunement  to awaken & activate your bodies wisdom to heal itself with ease & grace!

Receive divine DNA updates from spirit doctors, cosmic surgeons & the 5D dream team to experience miraculous multi-dimensional healing for your mind, body, spirit & soul.

Each healing recording contains codes accelerated light codes to energetically shift & vibrationally uplift you to your original state of health, wholeness & well-being.

Listen to each healing track to dissolve ancient & ancestral cellular trauma to empower, inspire & support you to share your gifts, be of service & thrive on the new earth.

Take a different soul journey every day, once a week or as often as needed to boost your energy, align with source & embody 100% pure light!

Each healing track connects you with your highest, healed self, I AM Presence & true self in all life streams, timelines, galaxies & realities that holds the key to unlock the door to your birthright of perfect health & well-being.

The more you listen, your dream team & medical magis can help you receive the antidotes, elixirs & remedies to feel better & heal faster than ever before.

Enjoy these ascension vibrations to experience benevolent blessings & feel better fast!

You Deserve This!

Please note: You may program each mp3 to continuously play on a loop while you sleep or turn off the volume & play each track for accelerated healing benefits.

Included in this MP3 collection:
  • Upper/Lower Back Pain Healing
  • Abdominal Pain Healing
  • Heart Walls Healing
  • Throat/Lungs Clearing/Healing
  • Limbic Brain Clearing
  • Shoulder/Neck Pain Healing
  • Foot/Ankle Pain Healing
  • Knee/Elbow/Wrist Joint Pain Healing
  • Teeth/Gum Pain Energetic Extraction Healing
Total Play Time: 240 minutes