Shared Love

Your Voice Takes Me Straight to Heaven

"Vandana, I'm so grateful for your loving presence in my life. Your voice takes me straight to heaven. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You" ~ Maria Sophia Rose

A Powerful Training and Lots of Fun

“I love Vandana’s melodic voice and nurturing energy. I enjoyed playing with her in the Accelerated Light Training. She calls in SO many Divine Beings! This is a powerful training and lots of fun.” ~ Brenda

Started Writing Again

“Thank you so much Vandana. I really enjoyed the call and will 

definitely listen to your recommendations. I started writing right after our call again.” ~ Jessica Sarter, NYC

In a State of Ecstatic Bliss

"Dear Vandana, Thank you so much for this exceptional session!!! I’m still under shock, lying in my bed in a state of ecstatic bliss :::)))  I’m so grateful to you and your sacred team!! - Blessings to you." ~ A.P.

Beautiful Remote Healing

"Thank you for the beautiful remote healing session. I cried while reading. I appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." ~ Michele

I Love and Appreciate Your Classes

"Vandana I'm way out there now. I want to tell you how much I love and appreciate you and your Accelerated Light Healing Classes and our Divine Healing Intervention Teams. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Love and Blessings."  ~ Katherine

I Sleep Better, Feel Better and Have More Creative Ideas


Completely Washed Free

"Dearest Vandana, what a wonderful class today! I have to tell you before I forget the details (which I’m going to journal!) when you were talking about removing implants, I very spontaneously saw myself standing on the Brooklyn Heights promenade and (believe it or not!!) an old fashioned pegboard with all kinds of wires and old tv tubes like from the 50’s televisions was being lifted up out of my head. Later after the class I thought about it and the implications of it are really astounding. Not only was it very specific to me but the location told me what it was about. Right there a block away was the old headquarters of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, what they called Bethel. This is the mind-numbing, brainwashing religion my mother joined when I was a child. As much as I spent most of my energy rebelling against it, I was forced to attend their meetings and all the rest of the EVIL that went with it. Recently a friend of mine, who is a shaman, said to me he foresaw that very soon I was going to be 'completely washed free' of any remaining subconscious programs that were still there. I can’t believe (well knowing you, yes I can) that this took place during your class. If you want to talk about fear and mind control this is the organization that embodies it all. I have often thought to write a book about what it was like, I really never wanted to stir all that pain up. But I still think this kind of brainwashing is one of the worst abuses of freedom in this country. Anyway, great class!

PS l had another dream about you this morning, I was on a train that was traveling along the beach and I said out loud, 'Oh we’re going to Brighton Beach.'"  ~ Victoria

Felt Like a New Person by the End

"Christine, I just have to thank you for this profoundly beautiful and potent call. Vandana's energy and the processes she did were so brilliant and elevating, and I definitely felt like a new person by the end! Wow! I feel so tremendously blessed to have been a part of this experience! P.S. Because you so perfectly spoke the word 'illness' many of us who were resonating with it received a huge healing today. I just can't thank you enough. Much love!" ~ Kathy

Found Lost Money

"Dear Vandana, you created a miracle for me a couple of days ago. I lost a substantial amount of money in my apartment when 3 people came to paint. They really threw me off balance and when I couldn’t find the envelope containing the money, I thought they had taken it. When we had our session, you said that it was in fact in my apartment…so I spent a few months looking high and low and couldn’t find it…but the last time I talked to you and asked where it may be, you said, “You’re going to find it when somebody visits you.” A few days ago I took your advice and invited a friend for lunch and when I opened the kitchen drawer, I was in absolute disbelief! The envelope was there on the side in the drawer. I’ve looked in the same drawer for the money but I never could find it before. It only came to light when I opened the lower drawer! Wow!!! Every word you said about the details of finding the money was true and amazingly correct!!! You are a fabulous psychic, and I’m so grateful. Thank you!” ~ Iren, NYC

Manifested New Clients

“Hello Vandana, I just like to say thank you again for my session yesterday. I manifested 2 30-minute sessions with clients that was not expected! I will have more of those please. Hugs and blessings.” ~ Rocio, Los Angeles

Aches and Pains All but Gone and Sleeping Full Nights

“Hi Vandana, I am good and continue to benefit from our session together. I have encountered a couple of potentially stressful situations recently and I have coped with them remarkably well compared to the past. I have completely surprised myself as panic and fear have not raised themselves. I have felt very different since our call much more positive and in a state of mind where anything is possible. My aches and pains have all but gone and I’ve had full nights sleep since Tuesday this has not happened for the past 18 months. And my clothes are starting to feel loose. I am also finding the slightest thing very funny! Thank you.” ~ Sue Stephenson, Canada

Had a Very Deep Experience on Your Last Call

“Vandana, I’m so grateful to you and the akashic records course! I’m practicing every day & just wanted to share I had a very deep experience on your last call. I’m not usually one of those peope who falls asleep during energy work but on this call I do…so this is very deep! I am always left with lingering images from the Akash and I have a book just for this and keep everything written down. Everyone feels the energy of the akashic readings after your attunements. It was so palpable how much this energy changes things so quickly. I am finding it amazing how much the inner Akashic Work is flowing into the outer world. If I need to clear something, I just RICH & RACE all over the place. It’s brilliant!! Thank you so much! I Love you.” ~ Al, WA

More Love

I Now Have Peace, Deeper Trust and Easy Life

"Hello Vandana! I would like to THANK YOU for the classes I took. I feeling a difference every time I'm connecting with DHIT. I'm feeling confident, grateful, I'm more connected with my Divine soul. It's bring for me a peace and deeper trust and easy life in this reality. And of course huge support! Thank you again for empowering people!" 😍 😇 😀 ~ Elena

Opened Up My Eyes to My Soul Purpose

"You are definitely following your soul purpose in this life. I am totally amazed not only by your destiny but the things you said during our session. I have listened daily to it and things you told me have opened up my eyes to my soul purpose. I know it has to do with the quartz crystals I so love and the one in the Atlantic but not at all sure where they are leading me. But, through you, I will learn more. Love." ~ Barbara

Vandana Was Amazingly Correct

"I wanted to thank Vandana for her help on the Sashi Langham Show. What she said about my challenge with arthritis was amazingly correct. Before our talk started, my daughter called with a serious car problem and I used the healing energies to help my daughter drive carefully to where she had to go. Thank you. Vandana for your work with me; it was amazing! With much love." ~ Thelma F

If You Want Real Positive Changes in Your Life...

“I had an incredible session with Vandana! She’s very accurate and has a soothing yet powerful effect on both psychological and physical health. I had a feeling of loss and sadness but now I feel completely rejuvenated and very relaxed and I’m really looking forward to having other opportunities of workshops or transmissions she does. If you want real positive changes in your life, buy the package Vandana does and after some time, you’ll feel the difference. Or even better, people will ask what you did to look so happy!!." ~ Valerie, UK

Helped Me with My Natural Reading Abilities

"Vandana's akashic light healing classes & teachings are perfect for me! I lean toward skeptical, shy and unsure of my gifts but Vandana's soothing voice put me at ease & helped me with my natural reading abilities....I'm forever grateful!!"

~ Rosanne E

Strengthened My Connection to High Level Guides

"Vandana is a wonderful clear channel of information from the akashic realms and facilitator of clearing old patterns. After injuring my hip I disliked walking even short distances but particularly if I did not know how far I would need to walk. Vandana pinpointed a karmic pattern of endless walking from past lives. After she cleared the pattern I felt much more relaxed about walking even though the physical restriction remained in place. She also strengthened my connection to high level guides in the akashic realms and cleared lower vibrational frequencies from my chakras." ~ R.B., UK

I Am Finally Able to Express Myself


My Life Has Become So Much Easier

"Vandana's Akashic Reading and Accelerated Light Healing Course have been the beginning of a deep change in my life. Her loving, positive support, the rich information she provides, her many easy-to-use tools, even just being in the presence of her kind voice opened the doors for me to break through old blockages and reach a new state of self-awareness. She gave me the courage and the playground to come to a whole new level of mastery, and my life has become so much easier. I now have the tools and processes to handle the problems that show up in daily life, or more precisely, problems have stopped to be problems, but have become experiences and learning processes. Being me starts to feel good, wonderful even - and no doubt that is the greatest gift that anybody can receive from anyone. I can wholeheartedly recommend Vandana as a coach and healer, and I wish her that many many people participate in her programs - with every person stepping into their truth the world will be a brighter place." ~ Astrid

It Feels Like I'm Floating and My Dog No Longer Hides

"Since our last session together, my body has a very different vibration. It feels like I'm floating in a huge bubble bath. Especially my solar plexus. I've been resting and absorbing all the lovely energy. I'm so happy to have released all the stuff that was clinging on. I knew there was a lot. 

The lovely heart based energy you use to remove them with such grace is so beautiful. And my little dog who hides under the bed and was afraid to be alone has suddenly been freed of the energies he hides from. He happily hangs out, sleeps and plays ON my bed now and hasn't been under the bed since my session with you. Thank you for sharing your gift." ~ Janet

I'm Clear On The Work I'm Here To Do

"I just wanted to give you an update on my situation and let you know that I really believe our work together played an important role. I've listened to our session replay a few times & just want you to know that I was able to find closure & transition into a new work situation after our session! Your guidance helped me resolve a difficult karmic relationship with my boss and get clear on the work I'm here to do. I truly know this in my heart! When the transition did happen, it took 5 minutes....I was miserable for over 1 year and it took 5 minutes to change!!! I don't know what lies ahead, but I find myself hopeful once again- Vandana, thank you so very very much!" ~ Joanie O, NY

Joyfully Singing & Dancing My Soul Song

“Hey Vandana, you loving, sweet, bright, shining Angel Soul, family light being... Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the heart rejuvenating, regenerating and soul loving class today!!! It was Beyond thee Beyond Epic, Profound & Deeply Powerful... Soul liberating!!! And I do feel what you spoke today is profound Soul truth... That today is the official start of my New life... Woohoo!!! I can feel the yummy hum in all my cell's DNA, body, mind & Spirit gently and joyously fully aligning with Source Creator, Angel blessed power returning to it's full power Now!!!  It is!!! :)  I Am & I declare that from this moment on starts my Soul Angel Magic... Joyful Ease and Pure Source Dynamic, Magically Guided & Directed with my higher Soul Self along with my new level Quantum Angel's and Universal Star Family Team... That I am lovingly blessed continuously in gentle, uplifting, ever-expanding magical ways by being Richly Supported & Sweetly blessed in this Kind, Caring, Fun & Playful child spirit innocence with Radiant Health & Wealth flowing with a Yummy Passionate fire of loving life & Sweet Peace with a Happy, Grateful & Loving Heart Life!!! Joyfully Singing & Dancing my Soul Song... Sweetly guided by listening within and being Joyfully Directed by my own Precious Heart's Wisdom!!! So be it, it is done :) With Soul love & Gratitude, Angel hugs of Joy & Bliss" ~ MaryAnn Angel Magic

Amazing Class! It Was A Complete Rebirth!

"Dear Vandana, well you did it again! Amazing class!!! I had the most amazing experience as you were calling in Dr. Lorphan, I felt myself absolutely burning up and then I saw myself holding the most beautiful newborn baby girl, I never felt such a gush of love in my entire life. I wanted to eat her up and I realized I was looking at myself! I tried all kinds of re-birthing methods and inner child work in the past but this was really different. It was a complete rebirth which I never thought would happen. Thank you for your beautiful Self and of course millions of hugs to all the Light Beings who are there for us! Love!" ~ Victoria  

I Was Offered a New Job Opportunity

"I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for working with me (or as you like to say 'playing') recently on the issues I was having with my career. I was stuck and so unhappy...I couldn't find a way out of my misery. After our session and listening to the playback a few times, something shifted. Our work on karmic connections and fulfilling karmic contracts is what I believe did it. And once that was was you showed me, the change came from the inside. I was able to let go of old habits and was offered a new job opportunity. I don't know what the future will bring, I just know that I'm looking forward again and that is in a very large part thanks to you. Very grateful." ~ Joni