The Awakening Heart Network with Vandana

 “Vandana was absolutely PHENOMENAL!!! She was flowing the most high light divine energy from start to finish. It was one long and extremely potent activation. She did a powerful process to clear us and anchor us all into the new 5D energy. I am so grateful and feel so different! So full of light and so healed. Thank you Vandana!!!” 


Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey feat. Vandana

We all are made of light & shadow!

Carl Jung said that the shadow is an aspect that’s kept hidden in the dark and out of your everyday conscious awareness.

It’s the part of you that often feels stuck, silenced or shut down.

But what if you didn’t have to work so hard to hide your gifts, your powers & what makes you truly unique anymore?

And what if you could heal & harmonize your shadow side into 100% pure light?

On this sacred soul journey, you will truly discover your hidden jewels & buried treasures so you can recover the parts of you that have been lost, forgotten or disowned.


Authentic Hour of the Soul with Kitoto Sunshine Love

  Wow!!! I was recently asked to be on my star sistar Kitoto Sunshine Loves Authentic Hour Of The Soul Show!

Authentic Hour of the Soul: With Kitoto Sunshine Love is one of my all time favorite Radio/TV Talk Shows where we recently co-created a magical & powerful divine dialogue to empower & inspire you s to shift into your highest frequency with 5D integrity, truth, transparency & authenticity to re-birth the new earth in unity & community!

This was a live 1 hour interview & quantum conversation that shifts & uplift your vibration to a higher dimension as if by magic in the wink of an eye!


Your Divine Uniqueness with Moncef Afkir

 This was a fascinating call!! Vandana shared about the tremendous support that is available to us and the Divine healing team that is always there for us when we call upon them.

Learn who are the Divine Healing Team and how to work with them to unlock physical and emotional pain, heal past trauma, support your body into its evolution through the ascension journey, or to complement and supplement your 3D medical care...

Vandana always takes us into magical healing journeys, and this call was no exception!! The journey was very deep and so nurturing. Allow your self to receive this gift and experience connecting and receiving healing from your Divine Healing Team! I highly recommend it! 


From Heartache to Joy with Eram Saeed

 I had a wonderful time with my friend Eram Saeed as we discussed the 5D Divine Doctoring, Spirit Surgery & Soul Recovery

On this accelerated light vibrational soul healing transmission, you will experience:

  • Profound peace, presence & protection
  • Deep relaxation & immediate stress-reduction
  • Relief & Release of troubled timeline trauma
  • Soul support from your healed & holy ancestors
  • Ease & Grace to assimilate & integrate 100% pure light
  • And much, much MORE!


Own Your Divine Light with Janet Miller

If you experienced trauma as a child, or even as an adult, it can be difficult to break free from the damage it caused. 

It’s common to find yourself stuck in a pattern of self-sabotage, and constantly unhappy but uncertain of exactly what to change or how to change it.

The good news is that you CAN heal. 

And when you do, you can become the conscious creator of your life, and find true happiness.

My friend Janet Miller, Holistic Healer, is on a mission to prove this to you. 

She’s hosting a complimentary interview series, Own Your Divine Light Show: Unlock Your Passion, Ignite

Your Authenticity, and Finally Create the Life You Love!


Your Divine Uniqueness with Moncef Afkir

 I’m am excited to have been featured again on Your Divine Uniqueness.

Such a powerful call with Moncef Afkir!

We talked about the importance of going within to honor and integrate our shadow side, so we can move to a better timeline and embody the life force energy within our body. We all meant to live whole and complete, and in harmony with Source Energy.


Transformation to Joy Telesummit with Shashi Langham

I was back with my friend and host, Shashi Langham  on a brand new call on Loving, Honoring and Integrating Your Shadow Selves! It was like having a one to one private session for over 2 hours with Vandana - so do not miss out on listening to this Replay.

On this powerful call, Vandana brings to you a timely opportunity to heal your shadow parts and heal the wounds you have carried for lifetimes!


Transformation to Joy Telesummit with Shashi Langham

Did you get a chance to join me on the new series of the Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit earlier this week with my friend and host, Shashi Langham?

We discussed how to break the vows of 3D poverty and clear your path to 5D abundance as well as shared another powerful healing activation to help you clear lack, scarcity & limitation on a cellular level that allows you to rewrite your story & reset your reality as if by magic!

And we have the replay for you!


Your Divine Uniqueness with Moncef Afkir

I’m am excited to have been featured on Your Divine Uniqueness where I shared how to Clear 3D Poverty & Embody Abundance.

Join Your Divine Uniqueness and you’ll instantly receive a Welcome Gift bundle of healing goodness! Be blessed and supported by powerful healing processes from transformational masters who lovingly offer these gifts to you.


Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey

I had a wonderful time with my friend and Quantum Conversations host, Lauren Galey. We had a Quantum Conversation to Meet & Greet Your Spirit Doctors, Surgeons & Divine Healing Intervention Team and I would love to share the replay with you!

You can listen to the replay anytime!!!

You can still register for this series to get access to other replays from Lauren's Quantum Conversations this season. Look for the Sign Up button at the top right of the replay page.