Spiritual Retreats

Experience the remarkable health treatment and spiritual surgery from the doctor-spirit entities in Brazil.


These unique guided tours are designed for health seekers and those who want to experience an unparalleled tangible treatment and spiritual care, provided free-of-charge by highly evolved spirit entities. 


Spiritual treatment -

is a distinct form of health treatment that involves exceptionally impressive and astounding practices, clearly witnessable and provable. It can achieve a cure or the significant remission of diseases, chronic pain, and minor ailments, establishing good physical and mental health in the afflicted person. 

Spiritual surgery -

is an element of spiritual treatment with invasive spiritual surgery as the most remarkable and astonishing practice. Scientists and medical doctors have confirmed that these operations are authentic but contradict the biomedical paradigm. Nobody has to choose an invasive intervention, the non-invasive practices suggestively are of similar benefit to achieve a cure or betterment.


Enter into a here-and-now where spirit entities directly engage with us humans.

 There is no comparable experience .


Benefits for tour participants

Deep-dive into an unknown world that seems too far-fetch for our minds.

• Receive treatment from the tangibly working spirit entities, undergo any form of spiritual surgery – invasive or non-invasive – if you wish

• Eyewitness the astounding spiritual health practices and interventions that most believe ‘impossible’

• Ask your questions to the entities right in the moments when they treat and operate on patients

• Learn what makes this treatment is so different from other spiritual practices and alternative therapies


• Obtain insights that other patients, visitors, and even volunteers have no access to

• Benefit from a trustful, poly-lingual German tour leader who has extensively investigated the doctor spirits across Brazil 

• Small groups, no more than 10 people

• The tour leader will receive you in the arrivals hall in the airport in Brazil, so there is nothing to be worried about.

•  Individual and group sessions with Vandana


A visitor undergoing an invasive spiritual surgery for ascites and cancer in the stomach. The patient herself opted for an invasive intervention although a non-invasive was offered to her.

What is included

  • 5 days with doctor-spirit treatment;
    9 or 10 treatment days on the 18-days tour 

  • Real-time translation of your conversation with the doctor spirits and when you receive treatment 

  • Detailed briefings before the treatment sessions 

  • 3 engaging seminar sessions about ‘spiritual treatment & spiritual surgery in Brazil’;
    6 sessions on the 18-days tour 

  •   Hotel with a spacious single room

  • An experienced tour leader & interpreter with unparalleled experience of the subject matter

  • Group transport from and to the airport 

  • Local taxi ride to the treatment centers and back to the hotel on treatment days 

  • Pre-trip conversation by phone or on Skype 

  •  Individual and group sessions with Vandana 

  11-days tour – only US$ 1095

  11-days tour with Vandana accompanying the group, includes individual and group sessions with Vandana– only US$ 1395

18-days tour – only US$ 1460 

    Everybody who is interested or wants to receive this fantastic treatment can go on this guided tour. 

Upcoming tours

Tour dates 2019

11 days: 29 August – 08 September
18 days: 29 August – 15 September 

11 days: 10 October – 20 October
18 days: 10 October – 27 October

Tour dates 2020

11 days: 13 February – 23 February
18 days: 13 February – 1 March 

11 days: 9 April – 19 April
18 days: 9 April – 26 April 

11 days: 31 April – 10 May
18 days: 31 April – 17 May 

11 days: 13 August – 23 August
18 days: 13 August – 30 August 

11 days: 8 October – 18 October
18 days: 8 October – 25 October 

   Join in on a journey that will turn your world view upside down in the most profound ways.


  The beginning of a spiritual surgery on the visitor’s right eye.


  Invasive spiritual surgery – lipoma removal.


Invasive spiritual surgery –  correcting the nasal septum.


Invasive spiritual surgery on the knee cap.


Perceive the proximity of sanative spiritual existences permeating your physical body and exciting your senses.


Join for a profound and unique experience that you will never forget