What I Offer

Listed below are the services I offer. Please choose the one that feels right for you.

When You Work with Me, You Will Experience:

• Feelings Of Bliss, Peace & Space On A Cellular Level

• Enhanced Clarity On Your Soul Mission & Life Path

• Deep Relaxation In Your Mental & Emotional Bodies

• Soulful Presence To Receive Universal Gifts & Blessings

• Increased Energy To Create, Attract & Manifest Your Dream Life

• Happy, Healthy & Holy Sacred Relationships That Nurture & Support You

• Self-Love To Honor, Nurture & Re-Parent Inner Child Wounds

• Stronger Connection To Pure Source & Your Higher Soul Self

• Trusting Your Intuition, Psychic Gifts & 5D Telepathy To Help & Heal You

• Courage & Confidence To Speak Your Truth With Divine Ease & Grace

Once you select your preferred session and complete checkout, please email my team at to book your session. We usually respond within 24 hours unless it's a weekend or holiday, which may take longer. Thank you!

My Services

Psychic Gifts Awakening


This Session Helps You To:

• Trust Your Intuition Divination Abilities

• Channel Your Higher Self & Spirit Guides

• Clearly Communicate With Helpers & Allies

• Create Clarity & Confidence In Your Readings

• Awaken & Activate Your 3rd, 4th & 5th Spirit Eyes

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Ancestral Healing Re-Patterning


This Session Helps You To:

• Connect With Loving, Wise & Kind Ancestors

• Meet Your Ancient Ancestral Guide

• Heal Your Recent Unwell Or Troubled Ancestral Lineage

• Feel Safe, Supported & Blessed By Your Bloodlines

• Clear Family Karma, Dysfunction & Ancestral Trauma

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Reiki Energy Healing


This Session Helps You To:

• Balance Your Chakras & Energy Field

• Deepen Your Connection To Your Higher Self

• Express Your Soul Gifts With Passion & Purpose

• Clear Negative Energies, Entities & Chakra Blockages

• Create The Space To Embody Ease, Flow & Grace

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Healing For Empaths & Sensitive Souls


This Session Helps You To:

• Strengthen & Shield Your Own Auric Field

• Heal Yourself In A Safe & Sacred Space

• Re-establish Personal & Professional Boundaries

• Embody Ease In Unfamiliar Spaces & Crowded Places

• Release Other Peoples Energies That Gives You Anxiety

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Inter-Dimensional Soul Retrieval


This Session Helps You To:

• Release Energies That You've Absorbed & Stored From Others

• Re-Claim Your Gifts, Powers & Multidimensional Mastery

• Restore Your Life Force Energy In All Timelines, Galaxies & Realities

• Feel Whole, Holy & Complete Just As You Are

• Heal Childhood Wounds & Re-Parent Your Inner Child

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Akashic Readings


This Session Helps You To:

• Open, Read & Access Your Own Soul Records

• Get Clear On Who You Are & Why You're Here

• Break Limiting Vows & Create Unlimited Freedom

• Re-Write Your Divine Destiny With Ease & Grace

• Feel Safe & Supported During Times Of Transition

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Somatic Body Work



This Session Helps You To:

• Let Go Of Stress, Struggle & Trauma

• Dissolve Density In Your Muscle Memory

• Unravel Stories, Programs & False Beliefs

• Align With The Divine, Your Higher Self & Your I AM Presence

• Quiet The Mind & Relax Your Body

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