What I Offer

Listed below are the services I currently offer. Please feel free to browse through them all and if you are moved to do so, choose the one that is perfect for you.

When You Work with Me, You Will Experience:

  • Feelings Of Bliss, Peace & Space On A Cellular Level
  • Enhanced Clarity On Your Soul Mission & Life Path
  • Deep Relaxation In Your Mental & Emotional Bodies
  • Soulful Presence To Receive Universal Gifts & Blessings
  • Increased Energy To Create, Attract & Manifest Your Dream Life
  • Happy, Healthy & Holy Sacred Relationships That Nurture & Support You
  • Self-Love To Honor, Nurture & Re-Parent Inner Child Wounds
  • Stronger Connection To Pure Source & Your Higher Soul Self
  • Trusting Your Intuition, Psychic Gifts & 5D Telepathy To Help & Heal You
  • Courage & Confidence To Speak Your Truth With Divine Ease & Grace

For most services, I offer 60-minute sessions as well as a 3-session package and a 6-session package.

Once you have selected your preferred session and complete checkout, please email my team at VandanaLightHealingHelp@gmail.com to book your session. Thank you!

My Services

6-Week Healing Package

If you love how you feel after just one Accelerated Light Healing session, you can now sign up for this 6-Week Healing Package with me. 

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Accelerated Light Healing

  Accelerated Light Healing is here to help you align with your self-mastery and inter-dimensional abilities, truth and authenticity.

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Akashic Soul Guidance Readings

This sacred session invites you to take a sacred journey to merge with your Divine essence from a higher perspective. 

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Reiki Sessions

The benefits are deep relaxation, opening, cleansing, clearing, purifying and balancing your energetic system while releasing any energetic blocks.

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Body Bliss Sessions

Experience divine light healing to love & honor your physical body temple! 

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Access Bars

 Experience a gentle and light healing touch to release overwhelm, intensity and over-stimulation stored in your head so you can live in your heart and just be space. 

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Inter-Dimensional Soul Retrieval

Experience an inter-dimensional sacred soul journey under my loving care and that of my entire healing team. 


Divine Healing Intervention

 This remote distant healing session is performed remotely with Vandanas Spirit Shamans, Christed Galactic Healing Team & Dr Lorphan.


Inner Child Wound Healing for Empaths

Heal Your Empathic Wounds, Soul  Trauma & Childhood Pain Under  The Loving Care Of Vandana & Divine Mother. Receive Channeled Messages On How To Re-parent Your Inner Child. 


Spiritual Mentoring Program

 Manifest your birthright of experiencing ongoing magical miracles and multi-dimensional mastery with me as your loving guide, coach, mentor and teacher.


Intuitive Counseling

  This empowerment session allows you to clear old stories, release emotional blockages and make crystal clear choices about how you would like to live your life.


Angelic Channeled Messages

I will channel your unique soul gifts as well as assign you to a particular angel or archangel for healing and protection.