This session helps you to:

• Soothes anxiety symptoms & panic attacks
• Release stress hormones & lowers cortisol levels
• Reduce stress & muscular tension held in the body
• Activates the parasympathetic nervous system
• Boosts energy levels, focus & concentration

• Quiet the mind & relaxes the body
• Stimulates the immune system

• Improves health & well-being

• Balances the mind, body & spirit

Benefits of Reiki for Chronic Stress & Anxiety

Studies have shown that Reiki helps to alleviate symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.

Some of these benefits  include:

  1. Lower stress levels
    People with generalized anxiety disorder have higher stress levels than  the normal population. Both research studies and anecdotal reports  indicate that Reiki may assist to alleviate some of this stress.
  2. Relaxation
    Having generalized anxiety disorder makes it difficult to relax even  when no significant stressor is present. Many people who participate in  Reiki sessions report feeling relaxed both during the session and after  it is complete, which may be beneficial to someone who struggles with  anxiety.
  3. Improved mood
    Not every person who has been diagnosed with generalized  anxiety disorder will experience depression. However, for many people,  these two issues go hand-in-hand. Research indicates that people who  participate in Reiki sessions on a regular basis feel less depressed  than they did prior to therapy.
  4. Better sleep
    People with generalized anxiety disorder may find that they have trouble  falling asleep, are unable to stay asleep or don’t feel rested even  after sleeping all night. Reiki sessions may alleviate some of these  issues and improve the quality of sleep.

Reiki is completely safe & non-invasive. It  causes no side effects & works well with other healing systems, medications or treatments of any kind.

About Reiki

Reiki is an ancient holistic & therapeutic energy healing technique from Japan that helps to balance & align he mind, body & spirit. It addresses the root core of illness or imbalance of any kind & involves a gentle & therapeutic touch on or over the body.

If you have persistent anxiety, Reiki can help to unlock  blockages or disturbances in your chakras & energy centers to support your bodies abilities to heal itself.

Sessions are held via Phone or Skype or if you are in the area, meet me in NYC. 

(If sessions run over the scheduled times, add $4 per minute)

30-Minute Session

FIVE 60-Minute Sessions

30-Minute Session


60-Minute Session

FIVE 60-Minute Sessions

30-Minute Session


FIVE 60-Minute Sessions

FIVE 60-Minute Sessions

FIVE 60-Minute Sessions