Womb Chakra Cord Cleanse Program

Date: Fridays June 7th, 14th 2024 
 Time: 12-2PM Eastern | Time-9AM-11AM PST 


Greetings Womb Chakra Goddess,

If you’ve been feeling blocked, stuck & your lust for life has been extinguished, join me to dissolve & detangle your energy from corded imprints, implants & draining attachments that leak your feminine vitality, creativity & sacred sensuality.

As energy sensitive empaths, we're wired to feel deeply. But this can leave us drained, riddled with self-doubt, and entangled in other people's problems. Imagine finally trusting your gut, radiating confidence, and having unshakeable boundaries.

Are you ready to?

  • Break free from the disease to caretake others & people please
  • Unleash your powerful kundalini sensuality & creatrix energy
  • Heal lifetimes of buried shame, abuse and sexual trauma
  • Open & awaken your receiving pleasure chakra centers
  • Overcome fear of emotional intimacy & low self-esteem
  • Attract healthy relationships and safe romantic partnerships
  • Feel Good Enough To Reparent & Channel Your Inner Child

If You Can Relate & All Of This Resonates, I Invite You To Join Me In A Safe & Sacred Womb Container Community To Heal From:

  • Poor Relationship Boundaries With Friends & Lovers
  • Emotionally Unavailable Or Neglectful Parenting
  • Fear of your own dynamic &creative power
  • Soul Loss, Energy Leaks & Womb Shame
  • Mental, Phys8ical Or Emotional Overwhelm
  • Kidney Pain, Hormonal Imbalance Or Adrenal Burnout
  • Feeling Unsafe & Ungrounded In Your Physical Body

Join me for a transformative 2-hour Solar Plexus Attunement:

  • Guided visualizations to release trapped emotions and karmic baggage
  • Powerful journeying to awaken your inner healer and higher self
  • Solar Plexus "spirit surgery" to melt away emotional armor and supercharge your resilience

Week 1 Itinerary:

  • How to tell if your 2nd chakra is blocked
  • Unravelling/Releasing chakra cords
  • Exercises to process unresolved trauma
  • Re-writing vows of shame, betrayal & self-sacrifice
  • A Full Body Chakra Cord Cleanse With Sekhmet & Bast
  • A Blue Star Goddess Isis Attunment For Freedom & Liberation

Week 2 Itinerary:

  • A Kundalini Goddess Activation To Flow Stuck Energy With Divine Mother
  • A Womb Annointment Light Treatment In The Temple Of Renewal & Regeneration
  • A Sexual Soul Retrieval Empowerment Process To Release & Heal Womb Trauma
  • A Goddess Isis Womb Chakra Light Bath Purification Soul Spa Session
  • An Ancient Egyptian Divine Feminine Reunion With The First Female Healer Doctors
  • A Feline, Lioness & Priestess Potency Frequency Attunement To Rebirth Your Inner Healer

As my heartfelt thank you enrollment gift, when you say YES, you’ll receive a Feminine Flow Kundalini Frequency Video To Cleanse, Melt & Purify Toxic Cords, Wounded Imprints & Disempowering Attachments Stored In Your Womb Chakra (Valued @ $45)

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