Spirit Doctor Team Practitioner Certification Program

Date: May 25th, June 1st, 8th & 15th 2024 
Time: 12 noon - 2pm EST
You’re invited to work with, practice & partner with your souls inter-galactic spirit healing team to become a powerful spirit surgery healing practitioner. 

Because you’re such a sensitive empath, you naturally feel others pain points & are born with extraordinary intuitive gifts to help, heal & empower yourself & others but you may have developed blind spots or road blocks from the voice of your inner critic that made you stop trusting your own healing hands. 

That’s why we all need a guide or better yet a spirit team of higher dimensional doctors, surgeons & master healers who work behind the scenes to heal, treat & extract the root of mental, emotional or physical illness passed that we tend to store & carry & these miraculous physicians exist beyond the milky way galaxy and over-light us. 

This spirit surgery practitioner course is meant for you to strengthen your healing gifts and tap into your inner healer & higher power so you can help, heal & give hope to people, pets & any being suffering in person or at a distance.

Each week when we meet, you’ll learn how to:

  • Scan others bodies, chakras & auras to identify misaligned energies
  • Practice eye gazing to transmit healing energy to others online or in person
  • Scan your clients organs to locate chakra blocks and energetic imbalance
  • Identify the loving presence of galactic guardians & your 5D spirit doctor team
  • Perform an etheric light acupuncture & spirit surgery with your psychic gifts
  • Clear core fear, hidden implants & release the root of your clients pain points
  • Channel divine light, key codes & powerful life force energy to raise others vibration
  • Reconnect your client to their own inner healer so their bodies remember how to heal naturally
  • Work with Arcturian healing symbols to become a crystal clear healing channel

This course is for you if you’re committed to share your supernatural healing gifts to heal friends, family and anyone who identifies as an empath from absorbed stress, pain or trauma in every timeline, lifetime & dimension. 

Join me and learn how to connect, communicate & collaborate with your spirit team and help all sentient beings suffer less and accelerate their physical, mental & emotional healing recovery. 

Your Cosmic Curriculum 

Each module contains advanced celestial healing tools, techniques & energy processes to dissolve heavy earth energy & transmit a galactic light frequency through your eyes, heart & hands at a distance or in person. 

You'll be attuned to multidimensional symbols you can use to easily connect with the Arcturian light beings & star ancestors as an aid to dissolve dense heavy 3D earth energy & raise your vibrational frequency faster than the speed of light.

Each week when we meet you’ll learn advanced tools, techniques & energetic processes to dissolve heavy earth energy & transmit your big bright light through your eyes, heart & hands at a distance or in person. Galactic light healing doesn’t involve any complicated symbols, works just as fast and is similar to Reiki but & works inter-dimensionally to move stuck energy faster than the speed of light. 

No previous experience or certifications are required. The only requirement is a pure heart, open mind and the authentic egoless desire to help all sentient beings become free of suffering. 

All live zoom calls are recorded and if you can’t make a live session, you’ll still receive the downloadable replays with class notes & everything you need to set up a healing practice from your own home or office space to transform lives in person or at a distance. 

Each lesson allows you to move beyond self-doubt & get comfortable with your untapped intuitive dormant gifts & the hidden power that lies in your own healing hands. 

You will be given the unique opportunity to practice galactic light healing live and in between class sessions.

Lesson 1:

  • Work on healing your own chakra blocks to raise your vibration
  • Offer full mind/body scans to locate stagnant energy blocks in others 
  • Learn the names & energy signatures of spirit doctors, surgeons & shamans
  • Practice self-healing hand treatment placements to raise your vibration

Lesson 2:

  • Learn how to offer consults and energy readings for loved ones & clients 
  • Work with pendulum dousing to scan for trapped energy blocks during sessions
  • Practice hand positions to use for treatments with safe, gentle & therapeutic healing touch 
  • Clear core fear energy treatments by calling in the miraculous galactic physician Dr Lorphan

Lesson 3:

  • Run Arcturian key codes with spirit surgeons to calm your clients nervous systems 
  • Offer deep clearings to dissolve stuck pain points and connect them to their higher selves 
  • Guide people on one on one or group guided soul retrieval journeys to reclaim their healing gifts 
  • Connect people to the wisdom of their bodies somatically to awaken their inner healer

Lesson 4:

  • Work with Star Shamans to heal people with vibrational sound healing drumming or singing bowls 
  • Learn how to channel the angels, spirit guides & power animals when offering energy sessions 
  • Heal, Seal & Balance The Auric Field With Grounding Techniques For psychic empathic clients 
  • Receive intake consultation forms to ask the right questions when working with new clients
You may unmute your microphone and turn your cameras to place healing requests for yourself or loved ones for group healing support during each session or if you can’t join on any zoom gathering. When you attend each session, you’ll receive a Spirit Doctor Energy Healer Practitioner Certificate.
Meet Vandana
Awakened by Mother Amma's blessing in 2007, I'm a channel, healer, and teacher guiding empaths to embrace their gifts and purpose. As a Reiki Master, I use mindfulness, intuition, and ancestral medicine for healing and transformation. My voice and presence create a safe space for clients to experience profound shifts. I also offer remote and recorded programs for deep relaxation and inner peace.

What Happy Clients  are Saying!

She has helped me immensely on my journey to wholeness and Self Love

Vandana is a huge Hearted Healer who supports her clients through the ups and downs of their Healing journey. With Reiki Healings, Galactic support and love mixed with Light and Joy! She has helped me immensely on my journey to wholeness and Self Love. Bless Bless

Susan Joy - New York

This work topped the stuff they did and my Body was freed Up

Your Cosmic Cord Cutting System miraclulously caused healing from very Malifcient and Malicious stuff Or Enchantments Almost like an Exorcism...Omgoodness.Anyway this work topped the stuff they did and my Body was freed Up & Literally liberated Me From Interference Energy. I can't explain but I asked my spirit Team to help me Overstand all this stuff that happened. Thank you Vandana

Ron Radar-NY

Your knowledge is certainly galactical & you are so adorable to watch on screen

Wow, I just read your bio!***just delightfully magical No wonder I was drawn to you with what you offer. I've done the first workshop and I really enjoyed it. The chakra detox. I found it far more thorough and practical than what is offered in a lot of yoga trainings I've attended. I also Loved the chakra work and the psychic antennae exercise. Your knowledge is certainly galactical & you are so adorable to watch on screen and your PowerPoint slides are just beaming with love, joy, peace and a splash of excitement!

Helen, Australia

I felt the healing energy strongly

I just had a powerful healing session with her. She is an amazingly gifted healer! I felt the healing energy strongly. Thank you for your 5 star service. I highly recommend Vandana services to anybody who needs a powerful healing transformation. Thank you very much!


This is the kind of peace & joy I’ve been searching for all my life!

Wow beloved Vandana! I love you & thank you for the galactic angelic abundance attunement program to heal the "not enough" programs of my inner child! I can't even find the words to describe the grace of this re-birthing experience… I allowed myself to trust my intuition and guidance to receive healing information & deeper understanding to help me move forward into my divine alignment. I have tried to make peace countless times with my mother and ancestors but needed to journey back to the moment of my birth to experience the ultimate transformational blessings! Every part of your soul journey was potent and valuable in so many places & spaces that I had to stop and do some healing writing & journaling to shift my thoughts & emotions into the most incredibly joyful experience! I have now rebirthed my old stories to create new beginnings. My inner child deserves this and more! This is the kind of peace & joy I’ve been searching for all my life!

Samantha T

Greetings Vandana and Team, Wow! It’s incredible how you interact with your students& although I couldn’t attend the live group sessions, I still receive so much healing evenon the replays! I was called to enroll in the Spirit Doctors course & now understand why.Following your introductory course, I could for the first time see my actions, understandwhy I was doing this and trace it back to birth and I am sure in prior incarnations. It wasas though the fog I was living in and basically hiding in was lifted and my ego self wascompletely exposed and from there my soul self could say, I see you, I love you and Iam ready to heal you. After 49 years, I am sitting with myself, I am not being busy, avoiding, covering up,making the surface appear lovely... I am seeing ... this is a massive shift and I am sovery grateful for the work that you offer and for the healing that it has initialized withinme so thank you!

With Love - AW

Hi Vandana,

 I love your presentations because you make it so easy to understand the world of spirituality for a beginner & also include things in your classes for seasoned students too. I really like the visual aids and that you always allow your students to ask questions so that we can fully understand what you are presenting. You're so patient and really explain things well. It matters to me that you're such a kind and caring teacher & that your students get the most out of your presentations. I've taken many spiritual courses but this channeling course was new for me. Although I have channeled, I didn't call it that and then when I took your class, I got the concept & know I have so many gifts that I may have overlooked and taken for granted so thank you for all you do

- Julia

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