Greetings Beloved Empath, 

You’re invited to join our Spirit Doctor Team Practitioner Program, a transformative journey for highly sensitive empaths. Discover the power of working with your inter-galactic spirit healing team and become your own master healing practitioner. 

Understanding Your Unique Healing Journey: If you’re a highly sensitive empath experiencing health issues that conventional approaches can't seem to address, there might be deeper spiritual dimensions at play. You're not alone—higher dimensional light beings are ready to transmit their wisdom and work behind the scenes to heal and treat the root causes. 

 Program Highlights: 
  • Learn to scan your bodies and chakras for misaligned energies.  
  • Communicate with your organs and tap into your body's wisdom.  
  • Partner with your 5D spirit doctor team for vibrational alignment.   
  • Experience etheric light acupuncture and psychic spirit surgery.   
  • Enjoy mindfulness meditations, visualizations & energy clearings.  
  • Release core fear trauma and heal pain from past lives.   
  • Receive divine light intervention and galactic light treatments.

Is this program for you? This course is designed for deeply feeling & highly sensitive clairsentient empaths who are suffering with chronic stress, anxiety, hypervigilance or symptoms of complex-ptsd that have presented any form of mental, emotional or physical health challenges & you are open & willing to explore alternative insights, natural remedies, complementary energy medicine treatments, visualizations & mindfulness meditation practices to scan your bodies, speak with your organs & treat your symptoms energetically, organically & naturally as a supplement not a substitute for traditional medical or psychological treatments.

Your Cosmic Curriculum: Each week offers new tools, techniques, and energetic processes to dissolve body density, increase your light wave frequency, release lower vibrational frequencies & treat the root of the original trauma passed onto you that doesn’t belong to you. 

Registration gives you lifetime access to 8 hours of recorded class replays, pdf transcripts with energy processes & unlimited email support if something comes up that you may need extra help to process so you can empower your empathic gifts & become your bodies ally, advisor & advocate.

Lessons Overview

Lesson 1: Opening to Higher Vibrational Frequencies 
  • Raise your vibration and recalibrate your nervous system. 
  •  Take a guided tour to the great white lodge on planet Sirius & Shamballa.
  • Receive an etheric light acupuncture session from the galactic Dr. Lorphan.
Lesson 2: Activating Your Starseed Psychic Gifts
  • Activate your psychic gifts to prepare for spirit surgery. 
  • Experience an etheric light treatment from a spirit surgeon. 
  • Visit nature's inner earth pharmacies for post-surgery recovery.
Lesson 3: Galactic High Magic & Divine Intervention
  • Work with the doctor of high magic for miraculous outcomes. 
  • Receive non-invasive treatments with soul remedies. 
  • Visit his healing center, hospital & school of light in the seventh plane.
Lesson 4: Star Medicine From Inter-Galactic Shamans
  • Meet the star shaman team for soul healing. 
  • Take an inter-dimensional soul retrieval journey. 
  • Release trapped toxins and attend an etheric fire ceremony.

Interactive Healing Sessions

Participate in distant healing attunements over-lit by Dr Lorphan & the Galactic Healers each week to embody a greater sense of peace, balance & stress relief for your inner child, loved ones or wounded versions of you in past lives.

Hear from Other Participants 

I found Vandana’s guest appearance on a podcast my husband recommended to me a few years back. After listening I was deeply impacted by the soothing sound of her voice and the way she described the movement of light through the body. I searched for more of her recordings and bought a few meditations to try. Shortly thereafter I discovered my daughters cancer diagnosis and our lives quickly changed. I used Vandana’s meditations to get my daughter and I through this very difficult time of healing and transformation. I started using the suggestions of calling forth my galactic healing team to help my daughter. We’re very focused on prayer and meditation during this process. These guided meditations are really what got us through cancer. After being told my daughter would most likely loose her reproductive organs and need chemotherapy, we knew we would be dealing with more than any 18 year old should have to go through. We kept doing energy healing work from the meditations daily as her surgical day approached. After her surgeries the doctors told us the cancer was only stage 2 and it was all removed. We were overjoyed and beyond thankful! She would not need chemo and she would get to keep her ability to have children in her future. We believe she experienced a true healing miracle.Since discovering Vandana’s work, I’ve incorporated some of the techniques she uses in her meditations in my own healing practice. It has proven to offer me great assistance in the treatment of my own clients during energy work.I highly suggest her work to those looking to excel in their abilities to heal and transform their lives or the lives of others. I am forever grateful for the Vandana’s work and how it’s changed my life.

~ Salena - California

Hi Vandana, I love your presentations because you make it so easy to understand the world of spirituality for a beginner & also include things in your classes for seasoned students too. I really like the visual aids and that you always allow your students to ask questions so that we can fully understand what you are presenting. You're so patient and really explain things well. It matters to me that you're such a kind and caring teacher & that your students get the most out of your presentations. I've taken many spiritual courses but this channeling course was new for me. Although I have channeled, I didn't call it that and then when I took your class, I got the concept & know I have so many gifts that I may have overlooked and taken for granted so thank you for all you do

- Julia


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