Solar Plexus Chakra Cord Cleanse

May 18th, 2024 12 noon - 2pm EST 

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Greetings Solar Plexus Chakra Goddess, 

If you've been struggling with holding your breath, gastrointestinal tension or have stopped trusting your gut, I invite you to awaken your sovereign personal power. 

As energy sensitive empaths, we tend to hold, contract & stuff others energies in our bellies which only creates walls, armor & disempowers our divine feminine. 

And we feel others emotions so deeply that we often get corded to others and our sensitive stomachs become attached to other peoples vows, oaths & contracts that drain, deplete, diminish and leak our precious flow of luminous life force energy. 

So join me to unravel, melt & dissolve karmic knots, cords & energetic imprints you've picked up & absorbed from friends, lovers & family members so you can finally heal your relationships, strengthen your boundaries & raise your self-esteem in every dimension. 

This class is perfect for you if you suffer from: 

✔ Sensitive to criticism 
✔ Lack of motivation 
✔ Shame & self-rejection 
✔ Fear of your powerful gifts 
✔ Not feeling good enough 
✔ Comparing yourself to others 
✔ Fatigue or weight gain 
✔ Abdominal pain or inflammation 

If you're ready to free yourself from entangled corded energies, entities & attachments buried deep in your belly, join me & be over-lit by your: 

✔ Higher Selfs Intuitive Wisdom 
✔ Awakened Inner Healer 
✔ Reiki Solar Plexus Chakra Doctors 
✔ Arcturian Abdominal Surgeons 
✔ Galactic Goddess Lioness Sekhmet 

This 2 Hour Solar Plexus Attunement allows you to rest, digest & melt muscular tension, inflammation & stomach armor that block your ability to feel anything. 

Join me & experience guided visualizations, journeying & solar plexus spirit surgery to strengthen your resilience, regulate your nervous system, process lifetimes of undigested feelings & trust the intuition of your higher power. 

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