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What would it take for you to be the energy  of prosperity frequency that you can trust will never run out?


Since you are pure energy & the 3D currency we call money is another form of energy, that means you’re already a vibrational match to dollars, coins, gold, diamonds & cryptocurrencies once you clear chakra money blocks and choose to be, have & receive that.


Once you can clear your chakras & empty out the mental clutter, you clear poverty consciousness for you & your ancestors to become  a vibrational match to manifest what you desire for the highest good of all creation & be prepared to expand your money flows faster than the speed of light!


I invite you to join me over the next 4 weeks to clear, create & manifest a new path that not only pays your bills but allows you to feel safe, comfortable & fulfill your destiny once you become aware of your gifts and share what’s unique about you with courage & confidence!


When I asked my clients & students why they were struggling to get physically healthy, afford organic food, quality health care, do what they love for a living, get paid generously for their healing gifts, travel around the world or buy their first dream home, everyone agreed that the problem wasn’t with money but with their thoughts, beliefs, judgments, decisions & unconscious generational programs about not feeling worthy enough to have it!


So the problem is not with money, it’s with how you think, feel & relate to it that’s the problem and what’s ultimately holding you back from manifesting everything you want!

The good news is it’s never too late to Expand Into The Energy Of Infinite Streams Of Abundance, Wealth & Prosperity Consciousness by & Thrive On A New Earth Filled With Limitless Abundance To Magically Manifest More Than You Need Or Could Ever Spend In This Lifetime BUT Also To Share It, Donate It & Gift It To Those Who Are Unable To.

And you get to change your life NOW & remove yourself from the super hero role you were forced into many lifetimes ago so you no longer feel a need to do everything on your own but this time ask for help, delegate & release lifetimes of financial hardship, debt & burdens you’ve been carrying for thousands of your ancestors!

When You Become The Invitation To All The Wealth In The Universe, There Are No Barriers Or Blocks Inside Or Outside To Fight With, Force Out Or Battle With & Every Feeling Is Honored &Welcomed.

When You Say YES, You Will Receive A Different Chakra Detox Each Week To Clean Up & Clear Out Density, Debt & Lies Of Impoverished Disempowerment That Won’t Allow You Exceed What You Need So You Can Rest, Digest & Own Your Gifts, Flourish & Trust You Are Always Safe & Supported.


I’ll Also Show You How To Activate Your 4 Extra Sensory Psychic Gifts To Help You Manifest Financial Miracles, Opportunities & Unexpected Income By Stepping Out Of The 3D Matrix & Stepping Into The 5D Prosperity Frequency!


  • Clairvoyance - To See Beyond Barriers, Blocks & Obstacles
  • Clairaudience - To Hear The Still Voice Of Your Higher Self
  • Clairsentience - To Trust Your Gut & Body Wisdom Intuition
  • Claircognizance - To Always Know What Is True & What To Do

When your 4 Clairs Safely Open, You Can See, Hear, Feel, Know & Learn How To Feel Worthy Enough To Call In Your New Earth Ascension Team & Ask To Receive Everything You Need!

Every Course Includes:

  • An Inter-Dimensional Expansion Process To Lower Your Money Barriers
  • Empowering R.I.C.H. Clearings & R.A.C.E. Creations To Unlock Limitations
  • Energy Pulls To Attune To Fill Your Field & Pockets With Sustainable Resources
  • Energetic Re-Sets To Shift Your Vibration From Poverty To A Prosperity Mindset

When You Join The Live Calls Every Week, You’ll Receive A Mini Chakra Reading & Money Mantra Clearing! 

Join Me For The Next 4 Weeks & Clear Your 7 Chakras Of Money Blocks, Karmic Debts & Survival Contracts That Don’t Belong To You Passed Onto You & You Can Embody The Energy Of Money In Every Cell, Chakra & Muscle Memory In Your Being & Body.

If This Resonates, Here’s A Taste Of What You Will Experience Each Week:


Week 1 – Get Out Of Your Head & Into Your Root, Sacral Chakra & Lower Chakras To Clear Fear Of Survival, Shame & Blame Around Having Or Not Having Money Or Either Hoarding Or Losing Money That Disconnects You From Infinite Streams Of New Earth Support & 5D Abundance.


Week 2 – Dive Deep Into Your Solar Plexus Chakra So You Can Know When To Make Wise Investments, Treat Yourself Kindly, Trust Your Gut & Empower Yourself By Clearing Poverty Contracts & Loyalty Vows That Won’t Allow You To Enjoy A Luxurious Life Style.


Week 3 – Open & Expand Your Heart & Throat Chakra To Clear The Fear Of Feeling Cared For, Supported & Provided For While Releasing Ancestrally Inherited Grief, Loss, Depression & Heart That Won’t Allow You To Feel Worthy Of Receiving Money & Speaking With The Spirit Of Money As A Friend & No Longer An Enemy.


Week 4- See Through Illusions & Stories You’ve Been Told By Your Caregivers So It’s Easy To Awaken, Imagine & Envision Your Higher Mind & Psychic Gifts So Your 3rd Eye & Crown Chakra Can Open & Manifest Money Flows That Clear Lifetimes Of Limbic Fear & Become A Joyfully Sovereign Prosperous Creatrix.

Reserve Your Space For The Next 4 Weeks & Unlock Your Hidden Chakra Money Blocks To Thrive As A Cosmic Channel, Golden Light Instrument & Prosperous Billionairess Goddess!

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Times: 11am-12:30pm EST

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