Healing The Highly Sensitive Intuitive Empath

Living As A Highly Sensitive

Intuitive Empath

                     How To Clear Your Field & Say No To Energy Drainers


Join Me Live On This 90 Minute Sesssions In The Zoom Room

             ON JULY 28thAug 4th, 11th and 19th @ 11am - 12:30 PM EST


Greetings Beloved Empath,


I invite you to join me in a small & intimate safe space to receive all the support you need to identify, hold & honor your feelings especially if you find yourself in a toxic job, friendship or relationship with your children, parents or anyone you thought was your “safe person”.


Living as an Empath can be confusing, draining & disempowering especially if you were raised by emotionally unavailable caregivers who discouraged your psychic super powers & labelled you too sensitive for your own good.


If you can relate & are ready to explore how to transition from feeling like a victim in a self contained prison to experiencing the freedom to choose peace of mind, self-love & the right to happiness & well-being, I hope you’ll join me to begin the process of self-compassion by practicing talking, trusting & feeling with other creative, compassionate & courageous empaths that understand & can relate to what you’ve lived through being raised by emotionally unavailable parents that may have discouraged you from speaking your truth, sharing your gifts & just being a creative, sensitive & loveable soul.


I’m excited to mentor & share a few major life changing skills, self-care processes and mindfulness meditation exercises to clear others negative energies, stay calm around energy drainers, learn how to set healthy boundaries to become emotionally intelligent & finally be able to trust your heart, gut & spot on intuition when you need it!

Many Empaths carry buried shame of trying in our childhood developmental years to fit in & hide what’s different about us but this can take a toll on your physical, mental & psychological health, well-being & cause you to hide, isolate & stop trusting the universe has your back.

As a survivor of childhood trauma in my own recovery process, I’ve finally learned that there is a higher power that gave you’re the strength to survive and the hope to thrive & stay alive whether your family of origin had a narcissistic diagnosis or were wounded empaths that never healed their early loss, grief & trauma but the good news is that it’s never too late to heal our inner child, teenager & our inner protector parts who fear us getting hurt, rejected & abandoned again.

Your voice deserves to be heard & that's why I'm offering you this special opportunity to feel safe, seen, supported & a little vulnerable to speak, listen & share your dreams, goals & visions with fellow travelers who have walked a similar path and have made it through just like you!

If you feel stuck, hopeless, held back or stuff painful emotions with self-destructive addictions that make it impossible to make healthy choices & YOU'RE SICK & TIRED of living in fear, over-reacting & blaming yourself over broken relationships, there is A WAY TO FEEL BETTER FASTER that doesn't involve Prescription Drugs, Numbing Out with Alcohol or Traditional Talk Therapy that doesn't address the pain in your heart, gut & muscle memory in your body.

If you can relate to hitting rock bottom, then you're in the RIGHT PLACE SO IF YOU’RE READY TO FEEL SAFE, SANE & EMOTIONALLY SOBER and No Longer Struggle with LOW SELF-ESTEEM, DEPRESSION Or Feeling Like an ADULT ORPHAN & just don't BELONG HERE?

I personally know what it's like because I too was raised by a narcissistic mother depressed father who never healed their childhood wounds & emotional trauma! Although I've done the HO'OPONO PONO Forgiveness Work, it still took me years to overcome the pain & shame of FEELING DIFFERENT & NOT ENOUGH until after I got the courage to file for divorce, then suddenly everything changed & I moved myself OUT OF THE dark night of the soul & into the light of the beginning of my most authentic soul journey learning to be ok being me!

What changed is that I CHANGED because as many adult children carrying suffering with the after effects of Complex PTSD, my life had become UNMANAGEABLE & I knew that I had to learn to ask my HIGHER POWER & other ADULT CHILDREN to help me remember my VALUE, GIFTS & LOST CHILDHOOD INNOCENCE. I had to allow myself to grieve in a safe & loving community & admit that although I truly was POWERLESS over being born to Narcissistic, Checked Out Or Emotionally Unavailable Parents, it wasn't their fault either & I I was WILLING TO finally OWN MY POWERS & REPARENT MY INNER CHILD that was frozen, still felt ABANDONED & UNLOVED & RAISE MY SELF-ESTEEM so I can feel SAFE to be ME!

 When I slowly began to OWN that it's ok to be DIFFERENT & A GIFT not a CURSE to be a CLAIRVOYANT Empath, I was able to give my inner child PERMISSION to feel WORTHY, EMPOWERED & BLESSED with a New Soul Family, Amazing Friends & A Full & Fulfilling Abundant Lifestyle!

So, I'm here to tell you there is HOPE & your life does have value. You do MATTER to me & if I could heal, so can you!!!

 If you're feeling overwhelmed, overactive or stuck in an unhappy, toxic or abusive relationship with a narcissist or neglectful life partner or family member, you can become emotionally sober perhaps for the first time.

If you're committed to breaking the cycle of generational trauma, neglect & co-dependent relationships, I'm here to mentor you to help you:

  • Raise Your Self-Esteem & Realize Your Value
  • Clear Toxic Energy Imprints From Your Chakras
  • Reclaim Your Creativity, Vitality & Playful Energy
  • Connect With Your Higher Power & Attract A Healthy Life Partner
  • Become Your Inner Childs Safe, Sane & Loving & Nurturing Parent
  • Manifest Your Dreams, Desires & Soul Purpose With Clarity & Confidence

Even though your parents childhood wounds weren't their fault, you don't have to live with CHRONIC STRESS, ANXIETY & COMPLEX PTSD that can only lead to Isolation, Hopelessness &  ADRENAL BURN OUT!

You may have already tried prescription medications, talk therapy or couples counseling but realize that putting a bandaid on your inner child’s wounds was only TEMPORARY & may have only re-triggered you or made you feel even more out of control.


I Invite you to take an Inner Child Vision Quest That Helps You Self-Regulate & Calm Your Nervous System So You Can:

  • Stop People-Pleasing, Over-Giving & Enabling To Feel Good Enough
  • Enhance Your Self-Esteem by Owning Your Clairsentient Psychic Gifts
  • Get Relief from Monkey Mind Chatter, Endless Worry & Night Time Anxiety
  • Clear Your Field From Heavy Energies That Drain, Deplete & Exhaust You
  • Tighten Your Boundaries By Practicing Self-Care & Self-Compassion
  • Remember To Take Gentleness Breaks & Meditate Every Day

When You Say YES, You Will Experience Long Lasting Results by Becoming Your Own Loving Parent So You Can:

  • Become A Vibrational Match to People You Like, Admire & Get You Too
  • Incorporate A Simple Mindfulness Practice to Stay Calm, Focused & Present
  • Transition Into A New Career That Feeds Your Soul & Brings You Joy
  • Find Your Soul Tribe Who Love, Nurture & Emotionally Support You
  • Stop Staying Longer Than You Need With People That Don’t Serve You
  • Calling Back All Your Power With A Spirit Guided Soul Retrieval Process

It's never too late to become your own loving parent so you can:

  • Stop Pretending & Playing Small to Share Your Gift of Intuition in Your DNA
  • Break the habit of Self-doubt, Insecurities & Low Self Esteem Passed onto You
  • End The Cycle of Feeling Like You're Not Enough, Too Much or Defective
  • Befriend Your Inner Critic with Compassion as Your Own Protective Parent
  • Recover from mental exhaustion, physical burnout & emotional overwhelm
  • Break Free from Fight, Flight, Fear, Freeze & Paralysis to Find Inner Peace

When you become your own inner advocate, mentor & nurturing parent, you'll be able to:

  • Feel Safe, Seen & Heard In A Way That Doesn’t Feel Overwhelming Or Scary
  • Clear Family Karma, Contracts, Trauma Bonds & Insecure Attachments 
  • Find Time To Play & Spend Quality Time With Your Inner Child Every Day
  • Check In, Identify & Journal About Your True Feelings When Triggered
  • Take A Blameless, Shameless & Fearless Inventory Of Your Childhood
  • Turn Your Inner Critic, Protectors & Managers Into Cheerleaders & Allies

I invite you to follow a proven results driven plan to uncover & discover what makes you special so you can have the courage, clarity & confidence to come out of hiding & start enjoying your life again that doesn't take forever to happen!

Let me show you how to pack your bags and move from the Island of Pain to the Island of Peace & Pleasure & Find Your Soul Tribe & Community That Gets You, Supports You & Is Available to See, Hear & Honor Your Journey Without Getting Lost in Your Story!

This Program Includes:

  • Four Empath Mentoring Sessions For Energy Shielding & Psychic Protection
  • Lifetime Access to Each Empath In Transition Self-Paced Programs 
  • 3 Healing Videos To Enhance Your Psychic Gifts & Trust Your Intuition
  • Unlimited Email Access for Energetic Support & Check ins Between Classes
  • A Private Invite to Join the Living As An Empath Facebook Community
  • A 30 Minute Chakra Detox Cleanse Session – Valued @ $200

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$103 x 3 (2 Weeks Cycle)