Empath Mentorship Session

  • If you identify as a highly sensitive intuitive empath & need a safe guide to talk to, guide you & mentor you, I’m here for you & If you feel uncomfortable being vulnerable in a group setting, take this opportunity to sit with me  privately so I can help you shift from being a toxic empath to a healthy, happy & sovereign empath owning your gifts & embracing your sensitive true nature.

    Each 1 on 1 session includes a customized empath toolbox to help you unmask, be your most authentic self & move from hurting to healing & never feel alone or invisible again.

    Each Empath Mentoring Session Includes Tools & Techniques To Help You:

    Understand Your Life Path Number & Unique Gifts

    Discover the way empaths learn and relate to people in order to protect yourself and trust your instincts.

    Express Yourself With Ease & Confidence

    Feel good communicating your desires and needs effectively to your spouse, family, friends, boss, and co-workers.

    Heal Inherited Ancestral Pain Points Passed Down To You

    Explore the relationships that hurt you the most and heal the wounds caused by toxic people that prevent you from trusting yourself and others.

    Trust Your Spot On Intuition In Any Situation

    Learn how to tune into your intuition and expand your ability to use it in your day-to-day life.

    Establish Your Boundaries With Toxic Energy Drainers

    Understand what boundaries are and how to put them in place and hold them there. The core skill that supports the rest of the work.

    Own Your Energy and Discover the Gifts of Being an Empath

    This 6 month empath apprenticeship covers the foundational teachings and healings for empaths. Teaching the client how to work with your natural energy system, release old patterns and programs that don’t support your stated goals, and educating them about your skills and senses. The program will be adjusted to your own needs and focus. 

    Mastering the empath skill set allows you to embody your true nature, who they were born to be that got covered up with societal conformity and your specific life experiences. 

    If You’re A Highly Sensitive Empath, I Can Help You When:

    • You feel overwhelmed in busy or crowded spaces and have to leave. 
    • You don't know very much about the body's energy systems and how to work with them. 
    • You can’t tolerate conflict and struggle when people get upset around you or with you. 
    • You feel isolated even when with good friends, it is hard to share your true self. 
    • You look for ways to be helpful or needed in all your relationships. 
    • You secretly have a lot of rage and resentment from being accommodating to everyone. 
    • Absorb other peoples toxic energies and often cannot tell which energy belongs to you
    • You know how other people are feeling without them having to tell you 
    • You can’t say no and when you do are flooded & overwhelmed with guilt & shame
    • You’re a people pleaser & only feel good when approved of, needed or validated
    • You were never modeled safe & healthy boundary setting by your parents or caregivers

    This  Empath Apprenticeship Program Can Help You If:

    • You’ve embraced your empathic nature and would like to explore your true purpose. 
    • You’re open, willing & committed to daily check ins to heal your thoughts & feelings
    • You are in a spiritual crisis and need help navigating your dark night of the soul. 
    • You’re ready to do the inner shadow work and/or heal generational trauma 
    • You’ve hit rock bottom and your work and personal life is becoming unmanageable
    • You’re open to learning new tools to stay grounded, present & heal your boundaries

    This structured and customizable program designed for empaths who are ready, willing & able to transform your life from the inside out.

    The Mentoring Apprentice Program Includes:

    • Change this To 2 Zoom Sessions Per Month
    • Intuitive Energy Healing 
    • Spiritual Guidance 
    • Energy Tools and Exercises 
    • PDF Transcripts of energy processes

    3 months  6 sessions $997

    6 months 12 sessions $2,997

    (All Sessions & Packages Are Non-Refundable)

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